The train into "Zhuang March 3" mobile song passengers can enjoy Zhuang culture

The train into "Zhuang March 3" mobile song passengers can enjoy Zhuang culture

    Z6 trains perform national dance.玉嘉 中 新网 Nanning April 13 (Li Wei) "I didn’t expect to take the train to listen to the mountain song, it is so happy.

"From Guangxi Nanning to Beijing to Beijing to do business, Mr. Mong, who can’t make thumbs up.

  Guangxi "Zhuang March 3" is approaching, China Railway Nanning Bureau Group Co., Ltd. Nanning passenger section carried out folk songs on many trains such as Z6, D1786, G422, to create a flowing song festival, bring the passengers. Z6 trains perform national dance. Yan Yujia’s Zhuang is a descendant of the Gu Lu Yue, with a good song, can sing, "March 3" song is the annual national festival of the Zhuang people. The Zhuang Song is included in China’s first non-material list of non-material cultural heritage in May 2006. On the day of the festival, thousands of Zhuang people were carefully dressed in a bright national costume, holding colorful embroidered balls, with five colorful rice rice to participate in local "March" songs.

Men and women youth mango sing, if both parties are in mind, give each trip.

This year’s lunar calendar is on April 14. Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region launched a "Zhuang March 3 · Bayui Carnival" activities for five consecutive years, and the folk song has also become part of the Hongxi Zhuang Cultural Treasure.

  On April 12th, from Nanning to Beijing West Z6 "Liu San Shujie" train, the song flutters, and lively.

  A "Guangxi’s" "national dance opened the entire event.

    G422 train staff give oil tea for passengers.

Cao Shuo ", ‘Ni’s" is the "good" meaning in Zhuang language,’ Guangsei’s "can understand" Guangxi is good, Guangxi is good "." Before the dance opened, the train headed Mo Liang Juan explained that With familiar rhythm, passengers dance with rhythm.

  This is not the first time in the flowing carriage, every March 3, Mid-Autumn Festival and other traditional festivals, Nanning passenger section organizes the cultural troops to enter the car, use dance and singing to ease the tired traveler, let They enjoy a beautiful journey.

  In addition, they also carry out flexible interactive activities such as national costume show, folk knowledge, and other flexible and pleasant travel atmospheres. At the same time, on the D1786 train from Nanning East to Chengdu, the folk knowledge interactive Q & A is in full swing, and Mr. Jiang’s atmosphere will take the initiative to participate in the answering activities, and share their experience: "I It is a Han nationality, through the car on the car, I know that the original Zhuang ‘March 3 has so many customs, sitting on the train, can rise, this train ticket, value.

"There are four laughter in the car, and the laughter floats through the window. A bowl bowl is overflowing, the hot oil tea, the glutinous rice, etc. Listening to the party. On April 13th, the passengers who took G422 trains to Changsha said that there is still no sufficient life on the train. "I was the first time to drink oil tea on the high-speed rail, better than the car. Delicious, listening to the mountain song, eating food, this is my best journey. "Nanning passenger segment carried out folk songs in many trains from Beijing, Chengdu, etc.