Yancheng Salt adheres to people’s livelihood priority high quality promotion resettlement house construction

Yancheng Salt adheres to people’s livelihood priority high quality promotion resettlement house construction

Original title: Adhere to the people’s livelihood priority high-quality promotion resettlement house construction (Reporter Xue Wei Wei) resettlement house construction is an important engineering that is related to the welfare of people’s livelihood, and it is also a key arrangement in the "100-Day Sprint Action" in the regional city construction project. One of the projects implemented.

In the past few days, the reporter went deep into the project, comparing the progress of the progress, showing the new image of the project.

The creative home resettlement community project is a resettlement project for the key guarantee of Qixia Street. It is also a demonstration community integrating residential, catering, education, cultural and entertainment, and community pension.

The project is located in the central area of ??the South, the South of the Lanhai Road, and the central area of ??the city, the project is covered with an area of ??acres, building 11 residential buildings, 2 business buildings, 1 kindergarten, is a set of residential, dining "Quality" "Innovation" "Intelligence" Demonstration Community of Education, Culture and Entertainment, and Community Pension. Since the "100-Day Sprint Action" of the District Construction Project, the project department has arranging and implemented the sprint schedule, and completed the progress of the progress during the construction process, and the current work has reached the task. . On November 26, the reporter came to the scene of the home placement and residential community project. The manager of the project was responsible for the manager of the project. "As of now, the main structure of each building has been capped.

All walls of the first and outer walls of the 1st to 4th are all completed, so that they will enter the exterior hand-removal phase.

The filling wall masonry and secondary structure of the 5th to 20th floor are all completed, and the internal and external wall is also in progress in the class, and strive to complete the dust brush task of all buildings at the end of the year.

"In the interview, the reporter learned that as the key people’s livelihood guarantee project of the city, the district, the district, the city, and the home placement community, whether in the planning site of the people’s livelihood, or the current construction of the project, the relevant units of the project Always adhere to the principle of people’s livelihood, fully demonstrate a new image of high standard resettlement communities. Qi (Sali Street service) Mi, is in progress inside and outside wall brush project, which is expected to be delivered at the end of this year. "(Editor: Xiao Wei, Zhang Wei) Sharing let more people see.