Wenzhou Longgang City launched five major actions of "party groups and I am here, I am doing practical things for the masses"

Wenzhou Longgang City launched five major actions of "party groups and I am here, I am doing practical things for the masses"

Original title: School Party Shi Xin’s Thought Office Experienced New Bureau 丨 Longgang City to carry out "Party Group, I am doing practical things for the masses" five major actions since the study of party history, Wenzhou Longgang City put "party group · I do practical things for the masses "as the important content of the party history education, in-depth implementation of" five major actions ", effectively solve the needs of mass needs by carrying out a variety of forms, rich series of practical activities, and effectively condense the people in real-end things, with service results Convergence of people, constantly enhance the masses of the masses, happiness, and safe sense.

  Carry out the "Entering Community Brightness, League Excellent Service" action Longgang Municipal Public Security Bureau organized party members to contact the community to visit the people’s people, listen to the opinions of the masses, and collect fingerprints, photos, and handle the people of the community. ID card.

  Longgang City Taxation Bureau United Longgang City Industrial and Commerce Federation held the "Pathful People’s History Office" 2021 "Convenient Tax Spring Breeze Action" Government and Enterprises.

At the discipline, the dragon and corporate delegates from various industries talked about the experience and feelings of the business environment, and imposed problems around taxation services, tax new policies, tax knowledge training, talent introduction, and enhance national taxation awareness. And suggestions, the relevant business person in charge of the Municipal Taxation Bureau conducts one by one by one by one, and the latest tax policy is explained to the corporate representative. Longgang City Labor Personnel Dispute Arbitration has carried out a publicity activities in the West Sanjie labor market, combined with labor contracts and lifetime of labor contract, labor rights and dispute depends, and answer public disciplines related to labor disputes, further improve The legal awareness of the majority of workers can better protect the legitimate rights and interests of workers.

  Carry out "War of the people in the people, for the people to show the style of the people", the community organized party members and cadres, and improved the community environment, further improve the community environment, and improve the quality of residence. The Moon Star Community Construction Zhang Dynasty is a total of 995 meters of the ecological travel road of 995 meters, and installs the street lamp to make the community residents more convenient.

  Jinshan Port Community launched standard farmland construction, creating 25 mu of beautiful idyllic, 1 km of beautiful pastoral ecological travel, enhanced community infrastructure construction level.

  Jiangpu Community launched a city refined management and publicity activities, organized the two counters, party volunteers embarked on the streets, with publicity, persuasion, correcting the road business behavior, guiding business enhancement awareness, and jointly creating a good atmosphere of civilized cities.

  Longcheng Community Organizational Cadres assisted the traffic police brigade to carry out the "four car" remediation work, guide residents to abide by the traffic rules and enhance the awareness of civilization. Carry out "Warm Heart" action, the home people, the new resident service center organized party members and into the party to get to the East River community nursing home to clean, condolences to the elderly, and send warmth and help for the elderly with the actual action.

  Launched the "Red Manager · Trumpet" Action Longcheng Ginza Red Butter Party Branch invites the community owners to carry out the "Red Readers", read red classics, revolutionary spirit of the red classic works, promote the public to read .

  Carry out "Party Group Service into Community" action convenience service into the community. "Yugujiang Red" Longgang City Party Group Service Center Party Volunteers came to the second community in front of the lake to conduct confidentiality issues, love and clinics, and distributed love books for empty nesters. I wish you all the community.

Jointly launched by the "Yugujiang Red" Longgang City Party Group Service Center, the Longgang City Social Work Bureau, sent vertical electric fan, hot kettle, and wheelchair, etc. for difficult families. The first phase of 10 households is full.

  Publicity and education into the community.

In order to further strengthen the self-rescue mutual rescue and self-protection awareness, "Shujiang Red" Longgang Party Service Center launched "rescued" emergency rescue training. Training uses the combination of theoretical teaching and practical operations, using popular understanding of the language, and uses related knowledge and other related knowledge, and uses the simulator to perform the demonstration.

(Dragon Port Group) (Editor: Ai Yu, Kang Mengqi).