Zhou Enlai female Zhou Bingde Remember Prime Minister: family is ordinary people

Zhou Enlai female Zhou Bingde Remember Prime Minister: family is ordinary people

[Say] What is Zhou Enlai Prime Minister’s clothing and food? He also made a self-review because of what happened in the State Council? Recently, Zhou Enlai prime prime prime prostitutes, the original deputy society of China, Zhou Bingde, Zhou Bingde, accepted an exclusive interview with China’s "China Focus", recalling the family’s story of the Prime Minister. [Solution] Zhou Bingde said that Premier Zhou was against waste, luxurious.

When you eat at home, you only need a one-piece soup. When you work, you only eat the ordinary cafeteria, wear the shirt inside "to make up and break again".

[Same period] Zhou Enlai Prime Minister’s prostitute It is also wearing this kind of dress when going abroad, lives in the Presidential House, the palace, all live in those places, how can they be washed, his staff put his clothes in the small suitcase, put in us Embassy, ??our ambassador’s wife helped, the ambassador cried when he washed, did not dare to force, a force will break, very thin, there is a lot of patch, you have to catch a grasp A grab, wash it clean. [Journalist] Zhou Bingmie told reporters that Premier Zhou did not like material enjoyment, and he never considered himself. His Western Flower Hall is built in the late Qing Dynasty, the old, wet, the prime minister’s legs is not good, often feels discomfort. A two old people left Beijing, and the staff did not win the prime minister to agree to the housing. The square bricks on the ground changed to the wooden board, and the joints were replaced with soft beds, curtains and bathtubs.

[Same period] Zhou Enlai Prime Minister’s prostitute, the original deputy chief of China, Zhou Bunded, came back, and reached another simple place. It took a few days, and later, you can’t say, some leadership comrades say that we have to discuss things with you, you should come back. The secretary also made a review, and the curtains changed back. The shabby curtains were the kind of shabby curtains that had already been hit. The soft bed was changed, and it was a wooden bed back, but the ground should not turn it back, After turning over, it is not more labor to hurt money, and the bathtub is also put on the ground, and there is no change. In this case, I will live back, I have to check two times in the Supreme State Council. "My Prime Minister is not good, I have to bring a good head, you will learn well, learn good things.

If I take a bad head, you will follow me. Don’t learn to learn from me, I really want to review this matter, don’t learn from me. "[Explanation] Zhou Bingte said that the principle of Premier Zhou is that the Communist Party members should serve the people of the whole country, they can’t make private benefits for themselves. The prime minister brought the biggest impact of the next generation of the next generation of the next generation is that they are ordinary people, everything is With national interests, the interests of the people are.

[Same period] Zhou Enlai prime prime prostitute Never because I am a national prime minister, you have any privileges, don’t say that the enjoyment of privilege can’t enjoy, privilege thoughts can’t be, it is not allowed.

"This is a very deep education for us. [Journal] Zhou Bingde believes that the home is connected to the party political style, as a cadre, to grasp the self-discipline, then to establish a good home. Reporter Liu Chao Wang Beijing report.