Wu Zhongze, "Yuan Coyong Day", said Yuanhe is the integration of the development of frontier digital technology.

Wu Zhongze, "Yuan Coyong Day", said Yuanhe is the integration of the development of frontier digital technology.

Wu Zhongze attended the China Mobile Communications Federation Yuancai Industrial Association Ceremony and CITIC Publishing "Yuancos" new book starting ceremony, the Yuan Universe is the integration of the development of the frontier digital technology.

Over the years, the world’s new round of scientific and technological revolutions and industrial reforms, especially digital technology to penetrate in various fields of economic and social, more and more diffusion, and the industry iteration is getting faster.

The change in the online scene, the integration of the whole country data, the evolution of the inteligal model, and the social production and lifestyle, industrial model and organizational form are deeply changed to form a strong driving force for the development of digital economy. The digital economy will ignite the digital engine that promotes the development of the world economy, and has become the main driving force for the world’s economic development. This year’s new concepts, the new concept of the world, is actually an integration of the development of the frontier digital technology. Wu Zhongze said that since the birth of the Internet, people have never stopped from the exploration of digital space.

With 5G, artificial intelligence, big data, Internet of Things, industrial Internet,, VR / AR, the rapid development of new generation digital technology, the Yuan Cosmic Age will build new digital space integrated with each other in digital world, promote the entity economy Digital economic depth integration, shape the future form of digital economic development. In the era of Yuancai, digital technology will integrate all kinds of running scenarios applicable to the whole society, and realize high quality development of digital economy.

Among them, 5G network realizes data high speed stable transmission; Internet of Things and industrial Internet Tong line on the line on line, realize digital twins; technology will form data assets in the universe, form new trusted mechanisms and collaborative models; virtual reality and enhancement Reality change people’s way to interact with digital worlds, realize virtual practice; artificial intelligence becomes a smart brain of digital network, leading the digital economy into the new stage of intelligent economic development.

Science and technology, etc., can also play an important role in the fields of smart cities, industrial interconnection, supply chain management. For example, all the urban architecture, transportation, public facilities, enterprises, etc., forming digital twins, digital urban management of refinement, customization, and individualization, allowing people to have more beautiful, comfortable digital life. The digital space of social and even work is a digital new world that everyone will participate.

Created fire education, deep plowing digital technology application research field, in technology new applications, digital new systems, distributed commercial new models and other digital economy, extensive research results, wide influence.

There is a deep understanding of the Internet and the Yuanhe Universe, strong theoretical skills and systemization.

Mr. He Chao has served as the Secretary-General of the China Communications Industry Committee for many years, and the integrated innovation and integration application of front-end digital technology has a relatively experienced experience in digital economic practices, with high visibility and media. Affinity. Six dimensions, in-depth analysis of the six major trends in the era of universe in the future; combined with the world’s latest metacular cases, analyzing complex technology fusion applications and economic models in the Yuancai; bringing us digital economy and technology Developing a new insight and thinking.