Xinhua full media + | Let the express packaging "thin" go to "green"

Xinhua full media + | Let the express packaging "thin" go to "green"

  After the "Double Eleven" is promoted, consumers will receive the goods.

However, a large number of e-commerce packages also brought some troubles.

A hat has used nearly one meter-long box, a bottle of spicy sauce with two big bubble box … These "false" express delivery not only makes consumers to move, but also produced a large number of express packaging waste, give Ecological environmental protection brings huge pressure. The State Post Office estimates that the number of express delivery traffic will exceed 95 billion in 2021.

In contrast, in all cities in my country, the express packaging waste is increasing.

  Express packaging is not only "slimming", but also "loops", "green".

In fact, many express packaging and fillers can be recycled, and there are currently many companies that have begun to promote the use of cyclic express boxes. In order to solve the excessive problem of express packaging, the National Post Office implemented the "Measures for Mail Express Packaging" in 2021, which clarified the packaging and selection requirements and principles. Currently, many express enterprises and e-commerce platforms have been active, especially for large packages, tape, etc. Reporter: Jiang Zhaoshen Xinhua News Agency audio and video department production +1.