Take 39 cases involved in the hospital’s infringement piracy case

Take 39 cases involved in the hospital’s infringement piracy case

  Incorporate "Hello, Li Huanying" into the warning protection to close the infringement website (public account) 45 separately investigated the hospital’s hospital infringement pirated case 39 concerned World Intellectual Property Day April 26th is World Intellectual Property Day, The National New Office held a launch conference, requested the relevant person in charge of the Office of the International Ministry of Commerce, the Ministry of Intellectual Property Office, including the Ministry of Commerce, the National Intellectual Property Office, and the New Progress Report (2020) ", and A reporter asked.

  Tang Zhaozhi, the head of the Central Propaganda Department, the head of the CPC Copyright, said on the meeting, from 2 to March this year, in order to standardize the copyright order of the film market, the Central Propaganda Copyright Administration, the Central Propaganda Film Bureau, the Public Security Department Food and Drug Crime Investigation Bureau jointly deployed The centralized action of cracking down on the cinema pirates, adopted a variety of effective measures, and severely crack down on the dissemination of illegal crimes in the Spring Festival architecture. First, deploy early warning protection. On February 8, the State Copyright Administration issued the "2021 second-batch key work copyright protection warning list", including 7 Spring Festival of Spring Festival, "Hello, Li Huanying" into early warning protection, requires content, storage, search link Various network service providers such as e-commerce websites, application stores take effective measures to prevent infringement behavior such as infringement in the hospital’s movie patection in advance.

  The second is to strengthen inspection monitoring.

All local copyrights, movie authorities strengthen the management of the cinema, strictly prevent sneak shots, and increase the network inspection and pirated monitoring.

The monitoring results show that the formal video website does not appear in the Spring Festival station movie infringement piracy phenomenon, pirated content, links through social platforms, network disk, e-commerce platform and unselected "three no" small websites illegally spread, most " "Three" small website servers are located outside.

  The third is to quickly dispose of infringement.

Quickly remove more than 30,000 units of the Spring Festival Articles.

  The fourth is to investigate the big case. At present, there have been 39 key cases of post-hospital movie and infringement piracy, close the infringement website (public number), and effectively curb the piracy of the hospital. Next, the law enforcement departments of all localities will deeply dig the pirated source, increase the hitting efforts to steal the cinema, severely investigate and deal with sales, spread the website (APP) of pirated film, WeChat public account, e-commerce operators, and supervise all network platforms to strengthen The main responsibility of the enterprise, and the pirates of the right of the right of the rights are strong and the social harmful pirates are subject to the law. Text / This reporter Xiong Yingqi Zhang Enjie sentenced cases unauthorized to provide a sign of a movie, a movie, a movie is awarded a million yuan movie "I am not Pan Jinlian" with a sign language version? A few days ago, I’ve made a picture of a movie app "I am not a Pan Jinlian" film to be infringed and claim 10,000 yuan. On April 26th, the Beijing Internet Court made a judgment of the case, identified a movie and television APP Shanghai Qiaojia Cultural Media Co., Ltd., arbitrarily handed over the behavior of film and television resources, infringed the excitement information of the copyright owner Aiyi Technology Co., Ltd. Network distribution rights need to compens for 10,000 yuan.

Shanghai Qiaojia People Culture Media Co., Ltd. said in court.

  Iqiyi Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Iqiyi Company") claims that as a copyright owner involved in the case, Shanghai Qiaojia Cultural Media Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Qiaojia People") arbitrarily handed over the film "I am not Pan Jinlian, and on the basis of film screen and acoustic effects, add corresponding dubbing, sign language translation and sound source subtitles, which have constituted a violation of the power of the video information network. Qiao Jiaren argued that its operational film and television APP is an unpaid public welfare network platform for disabled people. It is partned with a publishing house. The film and television program placed is issued by the publishing house, and does not belong to the unauthorized handling.

And according to the copyright law, my country is obliged to ensure that persons with disabilities have obtained TV programs, movies and other cultural activities provided in barrier-free models, and will change the published works into Braille publishing belonging to rational use.

Therefore, it does not constitute an infringement.

  The Beijing Internet Court has been tried that there is no evidence that the Publishing House of Qiaojia Company has achieved the authorization of "I am not Pan Jinlian" copyright owner, and the handling version "I am not Pan Jinlian" did not integrate new expression on the original basis. No new works are formed. Therefore, according to the copyright law, its behavior is infringement. In addition, the film and television APP cannot guarantee that the login user is a specific disabled person, and un-specific social public can obtain the built-in film and television resources through the APP, and does not constitute a reasonable use in the copyright law.

  However, the court is considering the vary of the value, infringement of the vitality, and the film is considered to be aware of a visibility, but it has been hot during the infringement. And Qiaojia Company provides "I am not a Pan Jinlian" barrier-free play version of the illegal playback version is to facilitate disabled people, the infringement is small, and the amount of hits, the court will determine the amount of compensation as appropriate, so the above judgment is made.

  Text / This reporter Zhao Qiqi intern Guo Han Yangyang Network Literature New Book Preview Announcement of Someone Subject Name Lost Raising Damage Damage Damage Damage Damage Damage Damage Damage Damage Damage Damage Damage Damage Damage Damage Damage Damage Damage Damage Damage Damage Damage Damage Dolly Dollar April On April 26 "white paper").

White paper shows that in 2020 China’s network literature market is billion, pirated loss is worth 100 million yuan, and more than 40% of writers are frequently infringed, and the importance of copyright protection is more prominent.

  According to the white paper data, the number of Chinese digital entertainment core industries is worth 100 million in 2020, of which the network literature market is from 100 million yuan, industry revenue mainly comes from user payment and copyright operation.

The vigorous development of online literature also brings a machine to pirated infringement. White paper showed that China’s network literature pirated loss is worth 100 million yuan, the increase in 2019, the new technology is abused, and there is a major factor in the large-scale rise in the whole industrial chain.

As of December 2020, the overall monthly active user of the key pirated platform reached 10,000, and the monthly per capita use time was approaching 19 hours, and the per capita startup number of months was as high as 115. In February this year, the reading group IP has changed the first quarter of the first quarter to broadcast, the same name original novel once again triggered reading boom, pirated platform hot "fishing", through fast online piracy, search drainage, etc. New readers are transformed into pirated readers, making the piracy of popular online literature more embarrassment.

  In 2020, China’s network literature writers reached 20.56 million, net increase of approximately 1 million people, and the work increased by about 2 million. White paper pointed out that most of the creators regard web writing as a source of income, where% is a full-time author. The survey found that the proportion of frequent network literature writers is as high as 42%, and there is three types of three types that have not been authorized through information network to spread the original works, plagiarism, and unauthorized use of the original work into a sound book is the most common.

  What’s more, some pirated platforms pay close attention to the new book of well-known online literature writers. Once the writer releases the new book preview, he will be able to sign the book, and use inferior content to induce fans to read.

Greating huge economic interests through business models such as traffic changes, directly causing writers’ income loss. Reading Group Platinum Writers, hot broadcast drama "Jinxin Yu" original writer, the network literature writer himself is taking pirated traceability, and it is very difficult to proof.

The survey shows that in the creators who have encountered infringements, only% of the creators have a rights action. The main reason why the rights of rights to rights is not active is the high cost of labor, complex process, and consumption.

  White paper pointed out that the transverse comparison video, music, game and other digital content industries, the difficulty of copyright protection of online literature is larger: the new technology makes the pirated industry chain hidden, the maturity trend is more significant; the pirated platform has accumulated a lot of traffic, business change reliance Search engines, advertising agents, etc.

  On June 1 this year, the newly revised "Copyright Law of the People’s Republic of China" will further improve the infringement penalty compensation system. Text / This reporter Zhang Enjie.