Tik tok! American media: Jojac storm from China swept around the world

Tik tok! American media: Jojac storm from China swept around the world

The American Cable News Network (CNN) reported that a hanging (overseas name Tiktok) is an entrepreneurial beating from Beijing. China has a mature social media and video platform: Tencent WeChat, Sina Weibo and Alibaba’s Youku, but the shake has won a place from overseas markets. "It is the success of it in social media classification, the original social media is the world of Facebook, Tit and Snap, all of which are Western." Analysis Company Sensortower Mobile Confidentiator Nelson said. In 2018, the popularity of social video applications created a new high.

According to the analysis company SENSORTOWER data, there are three 10 applications in the world’s downloads, and there are three video applications, and the byte beating company takes two seats – shake and volcanic small video (overseas version of Vigo) There is a famous list. Taking artificially intelligent attracting user bytes to position themselves as an artificial intelligence. It uses machine learning and algorithms to determine the content of the user, and provide them with the corresponding information according to the user’s preference.

In 2016, the company launched a video application that uses similar algorithms – shake.

It has functions similar to the SnapChat, and people can edit and add filters to their own videos.

The global success attracts Cook to visit byte beats in the early days.

Last year, the company accelerated global expansion.

In just 10 months, it acquires the US short video to apply Flipagram, released the overseas version of the tremble, and acquired with $ 800 million, this is a short video of the popular music in the United States and other Western countries. Community application. Byte beats these initiatives have a huge user base in Asia, Europe and North America and South America.

According to Sensortower, from the overall download, the video empire that the byte beating continuously has made it a world’s fifth largest application manufacturer.

In the third quarter of 2018, the download of hanging was more than five times the same period last year.