Waterworks construction industry to help educate Xing Jin card company 20 years as one day pro-poor public

Waterworks construction industry to help educate Xing Jin card company 20 years as one day pro-poor public

Water plant construction, education aid, emerging industries …… Jin card company 20 years as one day, public-spirited, has donated more than 2.3 billion yuan.

Recently, Jin card company won the "National Advanced Collective tackling poverty."

Two water diversion project nourish millions of people leading light twist, "immortal" water unsolicited.

Daye Yin Zuzhen Hong Village 65-year-old villager Xiao Haiying took a bowl of water, could not conceal his excitement, gulp: "Wang Ying water reservoir, really sweet!" At 3:21 on January 2017 pm , Daye City, the integration of urban and rural water supply reservoir water diversion project officially Wang through the water.

Jin card company signed an agreement with Daye city government official Wang Reservoir Diversion Project will be donated to the city of Daye operations management.

This is the largest investment in Daye Jianshiyilai livelihood projects. On that day, the surrounding villagers have come to watch, his face full of joy, because they are the beneficiaries.

Wang quality water from the reservoir, the underground pipe network rushes in tens of kilometers, water import Yanzu director 120 meters, 16 meters wide cistern, a pool of clear water in the sun crystal clear. Wang Ying Reservoir, also known as "Xiandao Lake", the main reservoir water quality excellent, with plenty of water.

In 2014, after the multi-party investigation Daye City, selected Wang drinking water source reservoirs.

April 2015, water diversion project began. In February 2017, and Daye City Pipe Line, the official water supply.

The total size of the project of water supply of 300,000 tons / day, not only ensures the safety of drinking water and Yanzu Daye City, Liu Ren eight, Chen Gui and other towns, but also solve the problem of Yellowstone emergency backup water source, to further ensure the water supply of the city of Huangshi stability. While Daye construction of water diversion project, Jin card company has actively build positive new water diversion project. April 2016, Yang new water diversion project pipeline project starts; November 2017, Yang new raw water pipe line water diversion project water, raw water to the sun two new water plant. By the end of 2019, Yang new water diversion project is entirely completed, Yang Xincheng every day to provide residents with quality clean drinking water for 10 million cubic meters.

Two water diversion project, Jin card company invested a total of 9 million yuan, nourishing millions of people, inject fresh vigor into tackling poverty both rural poverty.

Wan Jing Brand sunlight classes help students Yuandaxuemeng education, blocking the intergenerational transmission of poverty. Jin card company portrait offer "strong card Sunshine classes."

Dawa Roger Gyantse High School is "strong card Sunshine class" students Shigatse, Tibet, who lives Kangmar County.

Poverty, gave his way of studying difficult.

"Let me go to school grants no worries." Jill said, learning opportunities hard to come by, particularly cherish, only hard study to repay this kindness. August 26, 2019, Jill participated in Daye started strong card of the second session of the "Sunshine Summer Camp" activities.

The same day, 226 "strong card Sunshine class" of students and teachers, from Guizhou, Yunnan, Xinjiang, Tibet and other places came face to face with education experts Jin licensing invited; they went to Wuhan, China HKUST and other leading universities together visit, take a look at the outside world, listen to the story of the struggle.

For 17 years, group after group of children therefore realize their dreams.

After a lot of children taught, chose to return home, nurturing homeland, efforts to help more kids dream to complete the "best cycling."

After graduating from college, Lin Hua less a return to his alma mater Nu River in Yunnan Fugong, the three feet on the podium stand.

"I am a strong card graduating class of the sun, this is my way back the community.

"He said, out of the mountains is a lot of kids dream of the mountains, he was willing to return to the mountains to help more children realize their dreams.

According to statistics, since 2004, launched the first "strong card Sunshine class" in Huanggang middle school years, the company has strong brand in 90 high schools in 31 provinces and autonomous regions opened 596 "strong card Sunshine Class", has invested 3 more than 100 million yuan, to help 圆了大学梦 million poor students. A parts industry party and party folks out of poverty only development of the industry, in order to provide continuous power to become rich folks.

Luocheng Autonomous County in Guangxi, since 2016, Jin card company put special poverty reduction fund, centralized settlements around east gate of the town square lods fire nest and other places in the county, to create 1,200 acres of Red kiwifruit industry demonstration park, drive 1200 the development of poor households out of poverty. 2017, Jin card company has invested 5 million yuan relief fund, strengthen the industrial development of the walnut, purchase seedlings expanding species, centralized management and protection play an exemplary role. Luo County in eight poverty-stricken counties, 2015-2017, Jin card company invested 100 million yuan, it has implemented four cotton town village water Tiger ecological point of relocation and resettlement project, the construction of Vitis base, rabbit venue such as the size of the nine projects, a radical improvement in six village production and living conditions, poverty and lay a solid foundation for the development. Hechi, Guangxi, Sichuan Liangshan, Bijie, Guizhou, Gansu Qingyang, Dehong, Yunnan, Jiangxi Guangchang …… regardless of the north and south, people regardless of affinity, poor people are willing to development of the industry, their own businesses, Jin card companies are pulling a portrait .

Jin card company public-spirited feat, the country has benefited more than the poor areas of the masses. Source: Hubei Daily reporter Zhang Aihu whole media.