Red Memory on Jingchu – Walking into Wuhan Huangqi

Red Memory on Jingchu – Walking into Wuhan Huangqi

One side of red fertile soil, pregnant revolutionary spirit, Wuhan Huangqi is one of the earliest people in the country to perceive revolutionary trends.

Progress Youth Tang Sheng, Wu Guanghai and others in their hometown – Huang Hao Wangjiahe Sanhe store launched a "rural improvement society", spread Marxism-linist thinking.

In 1925, Huang Yu’s first CPC Parthen Organization-Branch of the CCP, not only quickly affected yellow, and quickly radiated around the surrounding area, and prepared it for the sprouting of the nation’s jute.

Mulanshan ignited the revolutionary bonfire. The seventh army of the Chinese Workers and Agricultural Red Army was born here, leaving excellent fire in accordance with the basis of the Eu Yu. Li Xiannian, Chen Shao Min and other older generation of proletarian revolutionary organized military and civilians against the Japanese, developing economies, carrying out trade, and strengthening the revolutionary team in Huang Yu and its surrounding areas. In Huang Yao Yao Jiashan formed a "Wuhan Anti-War First Village", and wrote a strong poems of the strong ink heavy color for the War of China. The car tall dragon replaced the bonfire, and the annual round of the year was precipitated.

Review the magnificent revolutionary history, in the Revolution of the 1911, a series of major revolutionary historical incidents such as the Japanese and other major revolutionary historical events, reflecting that Huang Yu people are in suffering in suffering. Brilliant. (Wuhan Party History Learning Education Office, Huang Yu Party History Learning Education Office) (Editor: Zhou Wei, Zhang Wei).