Zhuhai Air Show Missile "Star" Show

Zhuhai Air Show Missile "Star" Show

  Although they are in shape and "Dongfeng Express" a few quantities, they use top technology in many areas such as aviation and electronics. These missiles have largely determined the efficiency of the air operation or even success or failure. On the Johnsai Air Show, Zhang Xuefeng became one of the most exhibits of the exhibits in the Zhuhai Air Show that just ended.

The tactical missiles exhibited by the air-industrial exhibition area are eye-catching: although they have a few orders of magnitude on the dimensions and "Dongfeng Express", they use today’s aviation and electronics and many other fields. . These missiles have largely determined the efficiency of the air operation or even success or failure. "霹雳" -15e leading the empty missile empty missile is the main weapon of modern airfare, and its performance is not only a space war, but also largely determines air combat style. Empty missiles should be used in small electronic components, electromechanical equipment, high-energy engines such as electromechanical components, electromechanical equipment, high-energy engines, and its performance represents a technical level of a national tactical missile, which is a gemstone on the Crown. Taking this exhibition "霹雳" -15e empty missile as an example.

It is worth mentioning that this Air Show first disclosed key parameters such as "霹雳" -15e’s maximum attack distance.

According to the public information, "霹雳" -15e maximum attack distance is more than or equal to 145 kilometers, and it is more than the previous export "lightning" -10a. This indicator is much higher than the type of mid-range empty missile in the same type of US. In air warfare confrontation, this will give great advantages to the fighter.

  The "霹雳" -15e diameter and "lightning" -10a are the same, which is 203 mm, and the former has increased from 3930 mm from 3930 mm to 3996 mm, and the weight increases from 198 kilograms to 210 kg. It can be said that the weight is not increased. Large, maximum improvement is a radius, the main technical path of "霹雳" -15e increase the range of ribs is to use a new rocket engine. In addition to the sharp increase in the radi, the "霹雳" -15e has a very high motor, reaching the level of the third generation fight, can deal with high-speed targets. Due to the addition of Beidou satellite navigation and bidirectional data chain correction, even if the correction command is broken during the flight, "霹雳" -15e can also conduct a very good guidance, with strong combat flexibility. In addition to "霹雳" -15e, the air blow exhibition area also exhibited "霹雳" -10e, "霹雳" -5de, etc.

Although "霹雳" -10e is not the first show, the representative of the fourth-generation fighting empty missile has two major characteristics. First, the infrared imaging guidance method, the infrared bait is used almost invalid; It is a strong motor capacity, and the maximum overload is up to 60g. Basically, once it is locked, the fighter is unable to get rid of the motor. This kind of motorization, the aerodynamic layout of the missile, the design requirements of flight control are high.

Of the world can develop this performance empty missile.

The air-oriented missile has an innovative air to fight the exhibition area and also exhibits light LD-10 ("Thunder" -10) light anti-radiation fireball, YJ-9E ("Eagle" -9e) air-to-earth missile, TL-30A (" Tianlong "-30A) refractive radiation missile and LS (" Lei Stone ") series of ammunition.

Among them, the TL-30A tour flying radiation-radiant missile system is exhibited for the first time.

  The previous anti-radiation missile emphasizes the high speed, because the fighter needs to be suppressed quickly after being locked by the radar, and to some extent is to allow the anti-radiation guides and the counter-defense missile to speed, so the speed is high.

And during the anti-radiation missile attack, once the other radar is turned off, it is often necessary to rely on inertial guidance. The faster the flight speed, the more you can reach the target in a shorter time, and reduce the error.

  TL-30A Tour Radiation Missile Innovation uses low speed, remote, long-distance concept.

The bomb uses the main aromal blade of the big shirt, suitable for medium and low speed sailing.

It can be launched outside the zone, the maximum cruise speed Mach, the attack distance is 280 km, plus a 50-minute standby time.

This not only allows the fighter to be launched outside the safe distance, but also a long-term pressing of the other radar. Another new face is the LS-6 surveillance guidance glid bomb.

It is the extension type of the LS series, which has a farther range through the installation boost engine, has the characteristics of all-weather, anti-zone attack, regardless of the launch, satellite positioning anti-interference.

Due to the increase of the power device, its maximum range of ranges reached 200 kilometers, doubled than the normal model of the radius. The highlight of air defense missiles In addition to airborne missiles and mobilized ammunition and other airborne weapons, there are also air defense missile exhibits, mainly "Lightning" series and "Tianyan" series.

The "Lightning" series of air defense missiles can be said to be a derivative of a hollow missile. Among them, "Lightning" -10A air defense missile is improved on the "lightning" -10a, which is improved, using a proactive radar guide, and the anti-injury area is more than 50 kilometers. "Lightning" -30 air defense missiles are improved from "霹雳" -10e, using infrared imaging guide, with strong anti-interference ability, strong motor, and the maximum range of 30 kilometers. Unlike the original empty missile, the above-mentioned missile has replaced a larger solid rocket engine while the pneumatic layout has been optimized to support the farther range. "Lightning" -30 can be combined with "lightning" -10a, constructing a mid-range and medium-tee binding, radar and infrared conductor system, to achieve a set of air defense systems compatible with multi-model missiles.

In fact, in the basis of empty missiles, we developed the short-range air defense missiles, which is an important technical path for many countries to develop air defense systems. This development method can greatly reduce costs, because their hit targets are the same, for missile technology requirements Consistent, only the launch platform is slightly different. The "National Advanced Faceless Missile" system developed by Israel, the United States and Norway, is a similar system. "Tianyan" -20 corned missile is a medium-tech air defense missile, mainly equipped in "Eternal" II air defense missile weapon system, killing distance is 20 km. It is characterized by modular design, which can be used in infrared and radar-type guidelines, and two guides can be interchanged to meet the combat needs of different goals and in strong electromagnetic confrontation. (Author’s military commentator) Source: "Global" magazine published on October 20, 2021 "Global" magazine authorized use, other media need to reprint, please contact this issue More articles, please pay attention "Global" magazine Weibo, WeChat client: "Global Journal".