Qinghai Xining will build 100 people’s wisdom gym

Qinghai Xining will build 100 people’s wisdom gym

Original title: Qinghai Xining will create 100 people’s wisdom gymnographers learned from the Qinghai Provincial Sports Bureau, "Xining City strengthens the work program of the development of the masses in the construction of the national fitness venue facilities" (hereinafter referred to as "program") release. According to the "Program", by 2025, Xining City will build 5 national fitness center, and build 100 people’s wisdom gym. As mentioned in "Program" National mass measurement standards "The rate ratio is 92%.

  Seeing the construction goal of the sports venue in the "Program", the citizen Ye Xiaolong is very happy. Have a look.

"In order to promote the development of adolescent sports in the city," program "requires that students have 1 hour of sports every day, and the school has guided young students to master 1 to 2 sports skills; play the guiding effect of sports academic level test and gradually Improve score and weight; 10 Youth Sports Club, 10 Youth Outputs, 30 Sports Specialty Projects School; Cultivate Youth Ice Hockers, Tang Skater Team, Ten National First Class Athletes, 40 National Secondary Athletes, Transmit 20 sports reserve talents. It also proposed in the "program" to create local brand events, deepen cultivation in Xining Area New Year’s Ring City, Sun Mountain Plateau International Kite Challenge, Xining Hiking Festival and other local characteristic brand events, continue to build a city District Wenfeng Monkey National Mountain Bike Race, Datong County, Ziziogou, Ice and Snow Movement, etc.

  According to the relevant person in charge of the Xining Municipal Sports Bureau, by 2025, Xining will plan the "Huanhu Avenue" and the "Huanhu Avenue" and bicycle citys along the Haihu New District, and strive to create a new image of "Xining + Huan Lake". Continue to hold a national adolescent U-series ice hockey competition, the national youth Handball Competition, CBA preseason, etc.

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