Under the epidemic transplantation of double lung transplants, white hematic girls were discharged from Shanghai "recovery day" in Shanghai

Under the epidemic transplantation of double lung transplants, white hematic girls were discharged from Shanghai "recovery day" in Shanghai

Xiaoxin’s mother and daughter took a group photo with medical staff.

Two years ago, Ruijin Hospital confession, Xiaoxin found the chief physician Hu Jiong, a chief physician of the Department of Hematology of Ruijin Hospital due to the continuous anemia, and was finally diagnosed with mixed cell leukemia.

Xiaoxin is very strong, and has survived a series of treatments such as chemotherapy, bone marrow hematopoietic stem cell transplantation.

However, at the end of last year, she had chronic migraphytic anti -host response after the bone marrow hematopoietic stem cell migration -cause sexual breathing difficulties, which was caused by occlusion fine pilotitis.

In November last year, Xiaoxin’s lung function was unable to compensate, and severe malnutrition and muscle atrophy also experienced poor physical condition.

The multi -disciplinary team of Ruijin Hospital started discussions. Experts believe that the damage of small new lung function is irreversible, and only lung transplantation is performed.

"Although it is rare, combined with domestic and foreign experience, the general prognosis of these patients after the lung transplantation is good, and the quality of survival and life has a significant benefit." Said Deputy Chief Physician Du Hailei, a thoracic surgeon. On March 13, Xiaoxin was lucky enough to get the organs donated by others. Since the successful lung transplantation is closely related to the degree of injury damage of organs ischemia, and with the coordination of various departments of the hospital, Professor Chen Jingyu, a well -known domestic lung transplant expert, and Professor Li Hecheng team from Ruijin Hospital. Full hemp Solid, the flat lyric position continues to keep the chest and bone sequence first left and right to reduce the double lung transplantation.

One of the difficulties of surgery is that the lungs need to match the height, weight, and heart chest ratio.

Xiaoxin has a thin body shape and a small thorax. The doctor performed lung trimming plastic surgery and some lung reducing in the operation. The two lungs were successfully transplanted into Xiaoxin’s body. The function and blood circulation were good. After nearly 7 hours of fighting, the operation was successfully completed, and Xiaoxin lived in the ICU.

Three days after surgery, doctors closely monitor her various vital signs to determine whether the lungs that have just been transplanted in the body are working well and adjust the treatment at any time to avoid abandonment of the previous work.

It is also a major test to avoid effective anti -infective treatment while avoiding super -acute exclusion. The adjustment of each medicine for each medication requires repeated discussions between many disciplines of hospitals.

On April 29, Xiaoxin turned to the thoracic surgery ward to continue treatment and recovery.

At the end of the Shanghai epidemic prevention and control, in order to ensure that Xiaoxin’s fighting spirit is always online. After a strict epidemic prevention and control process, Xiaoxin’s mother was able to enter the hospital to accompany. At the same time, the thoracic surgery team once again organized online multi -disciplinary experts to consult, and carefully analyzed and arranged the problems such as damage to Xiaoxin liver function and postoperative rehabilitation. "Seeing Xiaoxin, just like seeing her child, I really hope she will get better soon!" Said the nurse chief Hu Yanxia.

In the morning, the housing and blood were drawn early. Xiaoxin liked to sleep. The medical staff specially adjusted the time and waited for her to wake up and do it for inspection.

Dr. Sun Xin, Dr. Sun Xin, accompanies Xiaoxin to complete the rehabilitation training every day. Those who seem to be very simple. For Xiaoxin, who has not fully recovered the patient after surgery, it is very difficult. Encourage her. Xiaoxin’s nutritional condition was not good, and she was a little picky during hospitalization. Doctors and nurses all found a way to let her eat more and even buy snacks and drinks.

The responsible doctor Du Hailei came to chat as soon as he was free. Today, Xiaoxin has finally discharged a new breath.

Li Hecheng said that most people do not know the lung transplantation at present, which has caused people who originally had a lung transplantation to save their lives. Especially patients with chronic obstructive pulmonary or pneumoconiosis should choose lung transplantation as far as possible and plan the lungs in advance. Transplantation can not only improve life span, but also greatly improve the quality of life.

It is reported that Ruijin Hospital is the only medical institution in Shanghai with a full organ transplant qualification to carry out transplantation of the heart, liver, lung, kidney, pancreas, small intestine and other organs.

During the epidemic, a total of 10 organ transplants were completed, including 4 cases of liver transplantation, 3 cases of kidney transplantation, 2 cases of heart transplantation, and 1 case of lung transplantation. (Li Dong Shen Tianzheng) (Responsible editor: Yuan Bo, Wen Songhui) Share more people see it.