"No Character Scriptures" – Remember the fossil love of the ancient biological research team of Yunnan University

"No Character Scriptures" – Remember the fossil love of the ancient biological research team of Yunnan University

The arthropod Lin Qiari Hou Xianguang, Liu Wei is a map "This is a ‘shrimp" from the cold Wudi period in 500 million years.

"Teaching Professor Zhang Xiying, Ancient Biology Research Institute, Yunnan, said quietly with the image on the computer screen.

The screen is a tapered ancient organism, and the detail of the body is now. This is the fossil "dissolved" from a stone on the side of Jinsha River, the size is less than 1 mm.

A block of inconspicuous stones, researchers can decipher the "wordsless book".

Since 2004, the research team made up by Professor Zhang Xiying, the Ancient Biological Research Institute of Yunnan University, has begun "with stone as a companion".

On November 3 this year, they have obtained the second prize of the 2020 National Natural Science Award with the "Early Earth Evil Evolution of Han Wu Ji Di Precision and Arts". A "dust", seeing the mystery microscope of life, a piece of fossil, sesame seeds. "You see, this is its head, this is its tail …" Zhang Xigang’s teaching side, while painting the part of the fossil body in the paper. He said: "After experiencing the five largest extinguishes in the history of the Earth, why can artificial animals still continue to evolve and maintain a huge advantage of the number of species? How to quickly adapt to the earth environment changes and in various ecological environments Is it dominant to occupy an advantage? These mystery is hidden in a piece of fossil.

"Over the years, we have tapped the stone, from Chengjiang Biological Group, the fossil of the Xiaosa Biological Group to the acid bubble treatment of ton micro-fossil samples, obtained a large number of raw data. "Zhang Xi Guang said. Observation of electron scanning microscope, the arthropod body structure in fossils has no legacy." They seem to tell the story of ancient times.

"Zhang Xiguang said while watching.

In the eyes of scientists, the ancient bodies of hundreds of years ago, in the same live, in a "dust", the team first confirmed the true crustacean to the early days of the cold, and push 20 million before the relevant fossil record In the year, the fossil record of the upper limbs of the crustal was pushed up to 100 million years, and its important position on the evolution tree of the arthrophy animal was established.