"China Auditing," "Party of years" propaganda theme of a new color

"China Auditing," "Party of years" propaganda theme of a new color

This year is the 100th anniversary of the Communist Party of China, also "Fourteen five" first year. As the authoritative industry journal, "China Audit" magazine focusing its founding a century of major propaganda theme, play key columns leading advantages, the high quality of founding a century of development and help promote a new era of theme audit the depth of integration, through the "micro linkage Journal" features to create brand awareness , sing the patriotic theme of loving the party, progressive spread positive energy to play, explore and practice show the industry journal focusing major theme publicity.

Key columns full force to do its founding a century theme publicity, is a major political task of propaganda and ideological front.

How to play the important node in the development of the party and the country good mainstream journals due role, how to embody the characteristics of the industry at its founding a century depth reports, is "China Audit" must be answered is good, real good to complete the task. "China Audit" magazine carefully creating "a new journey set sail road a hundred years of struggle – do practical science History enlightened thinking to open a new bureau" brand characteristics, relying on the "concern", "view" and other key columns, all-round, multi-angle, at different levels to do a tribute to founding a century media coverage. "Watch" column depth of excavation auditing organs at all levels across the country and cultural heritage of the revolution, the combination of vivid examples of spiritual strength.

Such as "let the people live a happy life – Linyi City, Shandong Province Accounting Office practice Spirits documentary" about the conduct of the people’s livelihood audit institutions audit Linyi City, Yimeng promote reform, explore new paths grassroots governance practices; "Long March Lightening audit a new journey – a red spiritual heritage of Gansu Provincial audit Department actively perform their duties responsibly documentary work, "depicts the Gansu Provincial audit Department Gung continued spirit of the Long march, in the new era of a new journey" to produce excellent exam answer sheet audit "in the struggle imprint.

"Point of view" closely linked to their own ideological guidance and columns feature, clarity Party to carry out the study and education, the importance of carrying forward the great spirit of its founding in advance of the new development of audit, audit arouse Party cadres to deepen the study and education, continually General business enthusiasm power.

"Sticking Shichong De become good moral character auditors" from the "Ming Dade", "Shou public morals," "educating morality" three aspects of conservation moral auditor abide clean the bottom line made systematic recommendations; "carry forward the great spirit of its founding high quality audit oversight functions play the role of "the great founding discuss how to implement the spirit of the whole process of auditing and supervision, give full play an important role in the party and state supervision system in the audit function. Theme is to create a strong propaganda impressive celebrate the centennial anniversary, celebrate the historic cause a thick atmosphere, "China Audit" magazine hosted the "road of struggle for centuries to sail on a new journey Audit Office of the organization – the 100th anniversary of the national audit institutions to celebrate the founding theme essay contest. "

Magazine in well-organized this event basis, give full play to the advantages of media publicity, special section published the winning entries, show auditors listen to the party, then the party a sense of grace, with the party’s firm belief in mind and not forget the early and enthusiastic work out a new the audit mission era to play. There is a vivid story telling to join the party, but also to branch bit record life; Passion for party members around a model of praise, but also affectionate eulogize the great times; there are unforgettable memories Party, the party is more true confession.

While cover story focused on propaganda, "supplement" column published one after another essay contest topic founding a century of good works, related literature and works of art.

Such as "Arts and Crafts" push "to celebrate the founding of a century" theme, showcasing the theme of Chinese painting, calligraphy, sculpture, photography and other works; "Monica" published "Lost" patch "" "Zhou Enlai spirit with me a thousand miles" and essay contest outstanding works , read of the Party spirit of literary works; "Book Review" published the article "High school Party word poetry Wu early heart – read Mao Zedong Thoughts", reflects the Chinese Communists in the early mission in the heart of a new era of glory still shines bright. "Published micro-interaction" propagation efficiency "China Audit" magazine in founding a century of major propaganda theme, adhere to complement each other periodicals and new media complement each other. Micro-channel public number "Chinese Journal of Auditing" push articles to learn the local audit institutions to implement the Party’s education messages, communications, demonstrating local audit institutions of learning History, a thick atmosphere than the science to catch up; "History notes" column to push the " read a map – the party’s ninth National People’s Congres "" a picture organize the party in the history of centuries important "spiritual" "isometric drawing works, and published audit institutions to celebrate the founding of a century of video works, carefully red soul to tell the story of auditors, the centennial tribute to the Communist Party of China.

Carefully check its founding a century of major propaganda theme, vivid tell a good story of the struggle of the Communist Party of China, the development of human resources to promote a new era of high-quality audit work.

"China Audit" magazine actively demonstrating the responsibility authoritative industry journal served as founding a century theme in the propaganda, but also for future planning to carry out a major propaganda theme has accumulated valuable experience. (Hou Qiuya) (Editor: Wang Zifeng, Qin Hua).