Strive to write a new chapter of the rule of law

Strive to write a new chapter of the rule of law

  Looking back on 2020, "Rule of Law" left a strong colorful.

  In this year, the power of the "Rule of Law" is cast in the unity of our fight against the epidemic. Inscribed in the strategic strategy of our complicated international situation, condense in the hard work of our completion of the stability of the reform and development, China has continued to write a new chapter in the rare economic rapid economic development and the long-term stability of this "two miracles".

  In this year, the central government has held the central overalls of the inquiry in the history of the party and the national rule of law, the most important results of this meeting is to meet the party’s heart and the times of the times, and clarify the spirit of Xi Jinping’s rule of law. The guidance of the country in accordance with the law, established a new era to promote the fundamental follow and action guidelines for the provision of the country. Not afraid of wind and rain, the rule of law is our bottom; through the wind and waves, the ideas lead the direction. "The more complicated international and domestic environment, the more heavy reform and opening up and socialist modernization tasks, the more we must use the rule of law thinking and the rule of law to consolidate the position, improve the ruling method, improve the ability to govern, and ensure the party and the country’s long-term treatment.

"In 2020, the Party Central Committee of Xi Jinping took the leadership of the people to carry out the construction practice of the rough rule of law, and wrote the most vivid foot for this important argument.

  This year, the "Rule of Law" adheres to the confidence of the risk challenge.

At the moment when the epidemic prevention and control is the most important moment, the rule of law has become a comprehensive force of concentric immunity, legislation, law enforcement, judicial, and law-abiding sections; in the days of completing industrial resurgence, the rule of law, the rule of law, active service "six Steady "" Six Bao "work overall, and more striking epidemic provides strong system guarantee. From the decline in well-off, the battle is depleted, and the national security legislation will better maintain national sovereignty, safety, development interests. We have always attached importance to the rule of law. . This year, the guarantee of "Rule of Law" trocked up the people ‘s yearning.

The most extensive, and most profound foundation in accordance with the law is the people, and we must adhere to the people, rely on the people. At the third meeting of the 13th National People’s Congress, accompanied by the long-term applause of the people’s contest hall, the review of the civil conduct of the Civil Code, let China’s civil rights guarantee ushered in a new era; sweeping the black and evil special struggle to clean the sludge turbidity, let The urban and rural are more peaceful, the masses are more comfortable, "Ping An China" This country has more beautiful business cards; "venting service" reform continues to deepen, more fair and efficient rule of law, to implement new development concepts, build new development patterns, promote High quality development provides a rule of law … this year, the power of the "Rule of Law" is quenched by the force.

On August 26th, General Secretary Xi Jinping gave the Chinese people’s police team and restrooming words, emphasizing new historical conditions, my country’s people’s police should be loyal, serve the people, law enforcement justice, discipline.

From the launch of the national political and legal team education to rectify the pilot work, remove the horses, rectifying the stubborn disease, to the reform and construction of the law enforcement judicial system, and accelerate the promotion, comprehensively improve the law enforcement judicial credibility, high-quality rule of law work team lay a solid foundation for the rule of law.

  In the crisis, new opportunities, in the change of the new bureau.

2021 is the 100th anniversary of the party, but also the "14th Five-Year Plan" development, in the face of today’s world, there is no big change in the past 100 years, it is necessary to better play the root of the rule of law, stabilize the expectation, and long-term support. We must adhere to the guidance of Xi Jinping’s rule of law. It is based on the deep problems facing economic and social development in current, using rule of law thinking and rule of law; and looks long-term, building a rule of law, the force of the rule of law, and promotes the trend of medical treatment. All parties are more mature and more constitutive, providing long-term institutional guarantees for the development of the party and national undertakings, providing a strong rule of law for China’s great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation.

The Chinese Corporation organizes the "100-year-old is the Qualimao Zhengmao" theme archives exhibition

The Chinese Corporation organizes the "100-year-old is the Qualimao Zhengmao" theme archives exhibition

The Chinese Reporting Association organizes party members and cadres to visit the "100-year-old is just a Fenghua Zhengmao" theme archives exhibition.

Li Jie’s approach to study and implement the spirit of General Secretary Xi Jinping’s "July" Important Speech, promoting the study of party history and education, on September 16 and September 22, China’s Monetary Association organized more than 60 parties to go to China in China The historical archives, visiting the study of the Central Archives and Xinhua News Agency, the "100-year is just a Fenghua Zhengmao" theme archive exhibition.

Party members and cadres listen carefully.

Li Jie ‘s Exhibition is "the power of the" The Forces of the Power of the Belief "" The Forces of the Power of the Belief "" The Forces of the Power of the People "" The Forces of the Power of the "System" "Wanshan Pounds" The main peak "eight chapters, focus on major events, important conferences, important people, through more than 500 precious archives, vividly showing the Chinese Communist Party", specifically tells the Chinese Communists to stick to the initial mission The story, deeply interpreted that our party continues to achieve successful password and strength. Party members and cadres listen carefully. In the process of Zhang Le, the party members and cadres listened carefully, watching the exhibits carefully, from time to time to take pictures on the showcase, profoundly sent a great strength of the 100-year-old party, and learn the spiritual power. Through visiting learning, everyone has said that the record history, the future, and the red archives have the story of the party’s initial mission and the fresh party history story. The majority of journalists are recorders, witnesses, practitioners who lead the people in the new era of the party to promote the history of the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation.

We must promote the spirit of the great borders, we will continue the red blood, better serve the party and the national working overall situation, unity lead the majority of journalists to listen to the party Chinese, to the party, contribute to the "reporter House" in the new era. Visiting the "100-year-old is the top theme" theme archives "of the theme archives exhibition.

Zhang Le contributes to the current editor: Wen Juan Zhang Jun.

Wat zal een moderne socialistische China naar de wereld brengen

Wat zal een moderne socialistische China naar de wereld brengen

NEWOPTIONTransformingandtranscending, amodernChinacomeswithabrandnewapproach, pathandmodel, speacefulrise, unprecedentedinbothscaleandspeed, hasinfactshownthattherehasneverbeenaone pasklare-alldevelopmentmodel ,,, colonizationandexpansion, neitherplunderingandcolonizingforeigncountriesnortran echter ndnationsweesaidthattheworldslargestrulingpartyhas "ledthepeopleinpioneeringauniquelyChinesepathtomodernization, creatinganewmodelforhumanadvancement, andexpandingthechannelsfordevelopingcountriestoachievemodernization." ,, accordingtoexperts, between25swillingnesstoinvitecountriesaroundtheworldto "getonboardtheexpresstrainofChinasdevelopment." TherecentfourtheditionoftheChinaInternationalImportExpo, whichhasdrawnnearly3,000businessesfrom127countriesandregions, Hasshowedchinaodsandservicesatthe "World-ClassPlatform." ChinaHasbeenreitingintellectualPropertyRights, ChinaAimstopursueaanwroundofOpingupfeaturingInstitutioneleandsystemicopenness, alduscreatingamarketsystemThatisinlineWithInternnationalRules, regen aties, sWTOentry ,, ,, sthrivingdigitaleconomy rankingsecondintheworld, accordingtoare, hervorming, acommontaskthatalmosteverycountryfaces, isoneofthemostimportantreasonsbehindChinatas "themostremarkableeconomictransformationinmodernhistory." TheCPChasdisplayedaremarkableabilitytoreform aimedatguidingthecountrysmarchtowardmodernization ,, ,, ,, moremarketdynamics aprosperousChinawouldbegoodfortherestoftheworld "becauseitprovidesmarkets, innovationandcompetition." Chinasdeepenedreformanditsunswervingpursuitofhigh-qualitydevelopmentwillbenefittheworldbyprovisdomesticpoliciesandmodernizationdrives, suchasruralvitalizationandthenewdevelopmentparadigmof "dualcirculation," ,, srobustconsumermarketcanbeseeninthenationsdemandforimportedgoodsremainingsolidduringthisyearsDoubleElevenshoppingspree Britainsjimoneill, vertelde ToldxinhuatthechineSeconsumErelainshemostimportanteconomische DeluidingSuforchina, Andheworldeconomy,nosmartforeignbusinesseswouldwanttomissoutonthedecades-longinvestmentopportunityandbroadermarketbehindChinasleadershipannouncedlastyearthegoalofachievingcarbonneutralityby2060,sgreeneffortscameatthe26thsessionoftheConferenceoftheParties(COP26)totheUnitedNationsFrameworkConventiononClimateChange,whereBeijingannouncedthatitwouldfosteragreen,low-carbonandcirculareconomicsystematafasterpace,pressaheadwithindustrialstructureadjustment,andreinintheslargestdevelopingcountrycompletesthemostdramaticreductionincarbonemissionsintensityinjust30years,itwillnotonlybenefitthemassivetransitionoftheChineseeconomytoalowcarbonone,ionofpracticalmeasuresfromChinamightwellproveanattractivetemplateforotherdevelopingnations.。

Tianjin vegetable supply increases wholesale and retail market

Tianjin vegetable supply increases wholesale and retail market

Original title: The increase in vegetables in our city increases with the double increase in the supply of vegetables and real estate vegetables in the field, and some vegetables prices in the wholesale and retail market in Tianjin have begun to fall.

  The reporter learned from the Xiqing Hongqi farmer wholesale market. In the last two days, the number of vegetables in the market increased by more than 1600 tons, and the variety has increased, the quantity and species have increased, and some vegetables have dropped. .

Among them, the price of cucumber is reduced to the yuan per kilogram of 9 yuan; the Chinese cabbage is from the previous 3 yuan to 2 yuan. Dong Li Jinzhong Vegetable Wholesale Market Yesterday, the total number of vegetables reached around 21,000 tons, with more than 30 varieties, of which the price dropped with cabbage, potato, etc., the price reduction was around 10% -15%. In the vegetables and other vegetables and other vegetables, the prices of leaf vegetables are also universal, and the coriander falls to 12 yuan per kilogram, and the rapesets fall to 9 yuan. The price reduction of leaf vegetables is large.

Due to the loss of the wholesale price, the price of retail vegetables also decreased, and the price reduction was around 10% to 20%. According to vegetable professionals, the supply of vegetables in Tianjin is mainly from Shandong, Hebei and other places. Since the northern rainfall is more rainfall, there are long duration, resulting in a reduction in vegetable production, resulting in a reduction in vegetables, Price increased. To ensure the price of the citizen’s basket, it is necessary to organize the production of vegetables in the field of field and vegetables. The Tianjin agricultural authorities actively organize the production of vegetables in autumn and winter, and some terrain leaves have entered the harvest. The period is expected to be launched in mid-November, and the price is expected to fall sharply. Due to the long cycle of fruit vegetables, the price of fruits in the short term is difficult to fall sharply. In order to ensure the supply of vegetables in the winter, the relevant departments are actively organizing agricultural professional cooperatives for preparing for winter reservoirs, varieties with Chinese cabbage, potatoes, onions, radishes. (Reporter Chen Zhongquan) (Editor: Li Dan, Tao Jian) ??Sharing let more people see.

Statistics: Intention to the stability policy, increase the increase in November, the PPI is faded

Statistics: Intention to the stability policy, increase the increase in November, the PPI is faded

Original title: Statistics: Intention to stabilizing policy implementation, increase in November PPI, year-on-year, faded people network Beijing December 9th (Reporter Yang Yu) National Bureau of Statistics showed data today, November 2021, national industrial production The factory price rose year-on-year, the same is flat, and the purchase price of industrial producers increases year-on-year. From January to November, industrial producers’ ex-factory prices rose in the same period last year, and industrial producers purchased prices rising. Dong Lijuan, a senior statistician, a senior statistician of the National Bureau of Statistics, said that in November, with the implementation of the stable price policy, the rapid increase in coal, metal and other energy and raw material prices were initially curbed, and the PPI rose to fall.

From the perspective of the ring, the PPI turned from the above-month-in-month. Among them, the price of production data is turned to a decreased%; the price of living materials rises, and it will expand a percentage point.

Multi-department linkage curbing coal prices, coal production and market supply continue to increase, coal mining and selection prices have changed from rising% to falling%, and coal processing prices are turned to fall by volume.

The metal industry is preserved, and the price of black metal smelting and calendering and the prices of the black metal smelting and calendering increased by the rising volume to decreased. The price of non-ferrous metal smelting and calendering and calendering industries is turned to a decreased%.

International crude oil, natural gas price high fluctuations, driving domestic related industries.

Petroleum mining prices rose, refined oil products manufacturing price rising

In addition, the cost of electricity and supply of electricity increases, and the price of agricultural and sideline food processing industry rises, the price of textile industry rises. From a year-on-year, PPI rose%, and the increase of a percentage point from last month.

Among them, the price of production data increased, and the increase of a percentage point; the price of life data increased, and it expanded a percentage point. There are 37 in the 40 industrial industries survey, and there are 37 prices, which increased by 1 month.

In the main industries, the price increase is: the coal mining and the selection industry rises, falling off a percentage point; black metal smelting and calendering plus industry rising%, falling down a percentage point; non-ferrous metal smelting and caulk plus industry rising%, dropping a percentage point . The price increase is: oil and natural gas exploitation industry rises, expands a percentage point; the gas production and supply industry rises, expands a percentage point; the textile industry rises up, expands a percentage point; the food manufacturing industry rises, expands a percentage point.

Dong Lijuan pointed out that according to the calculation, in November% of PPI borne, the warp of price changes last year is about a percentage point, reducing a percentage point than last month; the new price increase is about a percentage point, same. (Responsible: Yan Yuan, Xuan Zhaoqiang) Sharing let more people see.

Waarom is de winter Olympisch dorp om een paar te bouwen

Waarom is de winter Olympisch dorp om een paar te bouwen

  Deze gaming is het behoud van de gasten in de winter, snel helpen van hun hotel industrie en ijs en sneeuw beweging. In de late 19de eeuw, St. Moritz werd geleidelijk aan een signic stad van de Alpen. In 1878, werd Zwitserland eerste elektrische licht hier ge?nstalleerd In 1880, St. Marez hield de eerste curling concurrentie;. In 1882, werd de eerste Europese Skating Kampioenschap hier gehouden.

Bovendien, ‘s werelds eerste sneeuwman en eerste sneeuw auto’s, de eerste stalen frame sneeuwpop en de eerste stalen frame, de eerste ijsmeer jockey worden hier geboren.

  Omdat er een dergelijk uniek voordeel, St. Moritz met succes gehouden van de 1928 Olympische Winterspelen en de Olympische 5de Winter in 1948.

  Vooral de 5e Olympische Winterspelen, is de Olympische Winterspelen hersteld voor het eerst na 12 jaar van de tweede dag dood.

In het geval van alleen maar meer dan een jaar, St. Moritz werkte zwaar.

Op dat moment was er een plek waar de nieuwe atleten waren niet geconcentreerd. De delegaties en atleten werden in het hotel in de buurt van het spel zaal, volle spelen om voldoende voordeel van Santa Moritz middelen hotel, en sommige mensen spelen dit Olympics winter voor het hotel. Olympische Spelen.

Deze Olympische Spelen hebben een speciale betekenis in de geschiedenis van de Olympische Winterspelen, die de terugkeer van de Olympische Winterspelen na de Warm.

  In 1960 was er een prototype van de eerste Olympische De Olympische Winterspelen Village. Zomer in 1924 Parijs. Het militaire kamp rond het sportveld heeft een aantal houten structurele huisvesting voor de deelnemende atleten gebouwd. De omstandigheden zijn bijzonder eenvoudig. In 1932, de Los Angeles Olympische Spelen, de eerste plaats in de vertrekhal van de belangrijkste lichaam, dat speciaal werd gebouwd voor alle deelnemers en formele personeel bewoners, en later bekend als het Olympisch Dorp. Olympic Village Beheer Organisatie is zeer perfect. Sindsdien is het Olympisch dorp de aanpak een traditie van de Olympische Spelen en regelt de zomer in het Olympisch Handvest te worden.

  Maar de winter is van de stad.

De Olympische Winterspelen van 1952 kwam aan de wieg van het moderne ski?n in Noorwegen.

Om het probleem van de huisvesting in de spelers op te lossen, heeft Oslo sommige accommodatie punten opgericht, met het prototype van Olympisch dorp, maar deze locaties zijn niet geconcentreerd op één plaats, verspreid over de hele stad. Op de 8e Olympics 1960 Swongkao Winter, had ik eindelijk de eerste Olympische echte winter in de geschiedenis van de Olympische Winterspelen. Het fundament van Sustang Valley is eigenlijk heel slecht. In 1956 werden zijn ski-ondersteunende faciliteiten beperkt tot een enkele zetel kabelbaan kabelbaan en 50 hutten.

  Maar in de komende 4 jaar, Sustang is 80 miljoen dollar voor infrastructuur en alle locaties.

Deze Olympische Spelen ook ingebouwd atleten. Omdat de locatie is gelegen in het centrum van het spel, het vervoer is handig, het is een intiem Olympic Village genoemd.

  De eerste show van het dorp van de Chinese delegatie zal aandacht besteden aan de later, en de Winter Olympisch Dorp wordt in toenemende mate betreft, is de hardware wordt steeds beter, dat een podium voor de tentoonstelling en de cultuur is geworden.

Winterao Village heeft ook gewoon aan de accommodatie en de huisvesting van de deelnemende atleten, en is volledig uitgerust om alle soorten catering, entertainment en andere voorzieningen in het dorp. De meest waardevolle is dat jonge mensen over de hele wereld zullen verzamelen samen met jongeren vertegenwoordigd door topsporters om de communicatie en begrip te bevorderen. Dit is het identificeren van de grondlegger van de moderne Olympische Spelen.

  In 1980 werd de Olympische Winterspelen 13e gehouden in Pleidide, de VS en China stuurde een delegatie om deel te nemen.

Dit is ook de eerste keer dat het Internationaal Olympisch Comité herstelt China’s juridische zetels, hebben de Chinese atleten officieel deelnemen aan de wedstrijd in deze wereld sportstadion. Op 30 januari 1980, een heldere vijf-sterren Hongqi steeg in het centrale Olympisch dorp Square, en de Chinese sport delegatie aangekomen in Olympische Winterspelen.

  Wanneer de Master’s delegatie rijdt de bus naar de poort van de Olympische Winterspelen, de populaire mensen swars. De reporters in veel landen met spoed naar het eerste schot van de Chinese ijs en sneeuw atleten te nemen en hen omringden.

Het nieuws van China Sports delegatie aangekomen in Olympische Winterspelen, snel snel overgebracht naar de Verenigde Staten en over de hele wereld door middel van radio en TV.

Buitenlandse verslaggevers merkte op dat de Chinese ijs en sneeuw atleten die miljarden mensen zijn begonnen op ‘s werelds ijs, en de belangrijke betekenis overschrijdt de Olympische Winterspelen zelf.

  Tijdens de Olympische Winterspelen, onze atleten hebben veel buitenlandse vrienden en oprechte vriendschap gevestigd.

Op New Year’s Eve, China Sports delegatie hield een gezamenlijke partij in de woonkamer van de woning, het uitnodigen van een aantal buitenlandse vrienden om de Lente Festival samen te delen. De Japanse coach en atleten van de Verenigde Staten Sports delegatie Dongao Village, en de Japanse coach en atleten geholpen Chinese atleten in Japan werden uitgenodigd om deel te nemen aan het gewricht. De Japanse vrouwen schaatsen atleten spelen met Chinese atleten, zingen "Ik hou van Peking Tiananmen" in het Chinees.

Een Amerikaanse personeel in een Winter Olympic Village namen ook uit de gedichten van de vriendschap van de Chinese en Amerikaanse volk.

  Het is een geweldige precedent dat u een precedent, en de Olympische Spelen in de zomer meestal slechts één Olympisch dorp, maar de oprichting van deze Olympische Winterspelen Beijing 3 Olympische Winterspelen. We zullen zien dat er een eerdere zaak in de geschiedenis van de Olympische Winterspelen zal zijn.

  Dit komt omdat de Olympische Winterspelen en de Olympische Spelen hebben een groot verschil in het veld. Het ijs project van de Olympische Winterspelen geleidelijk kwam de kamer binnen, en de sneeuw project is nog in de natuur. Veel sneeuw projecten op het gebied van het veld. Construction , zo en Ice Projecten zijn vaak niet op dezelfde plaats. om de atleten te vergemakkelijken om deel te nemen, vermijd lange afstand haasten, de Olympische Winterspelen zal geleidelijk opgezet 2-3 Olympische Winterspelen.

  De Olympische Winterspelen van 1988 werd gehouden in Calgary, Canada. Deze Olympische Spelen winter zijn voorzien van de belangrijkste winter Olympisch dorp en Winter.

De belangrijkste winter is gelegen in het stedelijk gebied in het stedelijk gebied, en u kunt accommodatie van 2.000 mensen te ontvangen. Aan de vooravond van de Olympische Winterspelen, studenten die hier wonen tijdelijk hun eigen slaapzaal verlaten.

Vervolgens wordt de renovatie uitgevoerd, het toevoegen van nieuwe meubels apparatuur, bouwt een muur.

Gezien de Ski Project Het spel is ver weg van de belangrijkste winter, heeft het organiserend comité het opzetten van een Winter, de Hodo, die plaats biedt aan 600 mensen, woonden de drie-jarige atleten die in twee skiwedstrijden in de winter leven. .

De winter is het dorp ontwerp nieuwe en unieke, heel graag de kinderen blok model. De deelnemers van de Olympische Winterspelen kunnen leven in een een- of tweepersoonskamer. Er is ook een rust en uitgaansgelegenheden in het dorp Winter.

  In 2006 heeft de Olympische Winterspelen in Turijn up Turijn, Badiachia en Sensterre, Olympische Winterspelen 3, kan meer dan 5.000 mensen te ontvangen.

Turi Village is de grootste Olympische Winterspelen, voornamelijk ontvangen van ijshockey, spectaculaire skaten en schaatsen project. Bauchia Village is verantwoordelijk voor het ontvangen van slee, winter twee en patroon ski project atleten. Castrere Village atleten ontvangen van alpine ski?n, slee ski?n, speed ski?n en andere items. Olympische Winterspelen van Sochi ook vast Olympische 3 Winter, dat is gevestigd in Olympische Winterspelen in de Zwarte Zee, Winter Olympic Village, Clasna Popolna, Sochi, en een aanvullende Olympische Winterspelen.

De afstand tussen 3 Winterao Village en de concurrentie project locatie is zeer dichtbij. Het duurt slechts vijf minuten van de waterkant Winterao Village om het ijs, en het bergachtige gebied Dongao Village en de sneeuw project zaal hebben een kabelbaanverbinding, wat erg handig is.

  Beijing Dongao Village Building heeft een tuin met uitzicht op de Olympische Winterspelen Beijing in Beijing, Yanqing en Zhangjiakou drie verschillende wijken te stellen een andere winter bijkomende (Winter Anion Village). Het ontwerp filosofie van Beijing Dongao Village Apartment Building is van de vorm van de binnenplaats van Beijing Siheyuan.

De binnenplaats verschilt door variatie van de ruimte, de ruimtelijke verandering vormt een behuizing en het huiswerk in het huis. Er zijn veel Chinese culturele elementen in deze colleges, weerspiegelen de integratie van de Olympische cultuur en de traditionele cultuur. Het ontwerp inspiratie in de Oost en West District is van de Chinese traditionele ijs sportieve activiteiten van de Qing-dynastie. Het bed in de slaapkamer geheugen gebruikt katoenen materiaal, de helling van het bed en de staart van het bed en de staart van het bed. Het bed is gehuisvest in het bed, en de lengte van het gehele bed kan de meter bereiken. Er zijn 28 Woont dienst ruimte onder het plein gebied, en one-stop service, zoals het afdrukken, stomerij, kappers nagels en convenience stores, banken. Beijing Dongao Village heeft ook rekening toegankelijk behoeften genomen. Paralympische Spelen kunnen toegankelijk routenavigatie vocabulate via de mobiele app van Google Maps toegankelijke voorzieningen en maak een afspraak. Yanqing Winter Olympic Village keurt de verspreide, semi-open binnenplaats van het bergdorp, gebouwd in het noorden naar het noorden, en de dialoog met de omringende bergen water. Zhangjiakou Winter Olympic Village bestaat uit 10 groep 31 gebouwen, en het plan is ook geleend van het concept van de binnenplaats, de gele muur en de zwarte grijze dak van elegant.

  Onlangs, Beijing Winter Olympic Village voerde een venue energie en apparatuur druktest. In de eerste plaats van Hua Lan, is Beijing Dongao Village bedekt met kleur kleding, en de winter van Winter ischound is op de eerste keer. Beijing Winter Olympic Village is gereed, en het evenement zal de meest warme en hartelijke service voor atleten van over heel de wereld. (Bron: Beijing Daily).

Yancheng Salt adheres to people’s livelihood priority high quality promotion resettlement house construction

Yancheng Salt adheres to people’s livelihood priority high quality promotion resettlement house construction

Original title: Adhere to the people’s livelihood priority high-quality promotion resettlement house construction (Reporter Xue Wei Wei) resettlement house construction is an important engineering that is related to the welfare of people’s livelihood, and it is also a key arrangement in the "100-Day Sprint Action" in the regional city construction project. One of the projects implemented.

In the past few days, the reporter went deep into the project, comparing the progress of the progress, showing the new image of the project.

The creative home resettlement community project is a resettlement project for the key guarantee of Qixia Street. It is also a demonstration community integrating residential, catering, education, cultural and entertainment, and community pension.

The project is located in the central area of ??the South, the South of the Lanhai Road, and the central area of ??the city, the project is covered with an area of ??acres, building 11 residential buildings, 2 business buildings, 1 kindergarten, is a set of residential, dining "Quality" "Innovation" "Intelligence" Demonstration Community of Education, Culture and Entertainment, and Community Pension. Since the "100-Day Sprint Action" of the District Construction Project, the project department has arranging and implemented the sprint schedule, and completed the progress of the progress during the construction process, and the current work has reached the task. . On November 26, the reporter came to the scene of the home placement and residential community project. The manager of the project was responsible for the manager of the project. "As of now, the main structure of each building has been capped.

All walls of the first and outer walls of the 1st to 4th are all completed, so that they will enter the exterior hand-removal phase.

The filling wall masonry and secondary structure of the 5th to 20th floor are all completed, and the internal and external wall is also in progress in the class, and strive to complete the dust brush task of all buildings at the end of the year.

"In the interview, the reporter learned that as the key people’s livelihood guarantee project of the city, the district, the district, the city, and the home placement community, whether in the planning site of the people’s livelihood, or the current construction of the project, the relevant units of the project Always adhere to the principle of people’s livelihood, fully demonstrate a new image of high standard resettlement communities. Qi (Sali Street service) Mi, is in progress inside and outside wall brush project, which is expected to be delivered at the end of this year. "(Editor: Xiao Wei, Zhang Wei) Sharing let more people see.

Super large platform should undertake more responsibility obligations to develop the platform economic norms

Super large platform should undertake more responsibility obligations to develop the platform economic norms

Original title: Super large platform should undertake more responsibility obligations to develop "Internet Platform Classification Guide (Draft for Comments)" "Internet Platform Subject Guide (Draft for Comment)" "Internet Platform (Draft for Comments)" "Requaketed comments to the society.

According to the Internet Platform Classification Guide (Draft for Comment), China’s Internet platform will be divided into six categories, 3 levels.

"Internet Platform Implementation Subject Guide (Draft for Comment)" stipulates the fair competition demonstration, equality governance, open ecological obligation of Internet platforms, especially super large platforms.

Experts say that scientifically defines platform categories, reasonable division platform, and promoting platform companies to implement subject responsibility, which is conducive to promoting the healthy development of platform economies, guaranteeing the rights and interests of all platform users, and maintain economic social order.

Internet platforms are intended to be divided into six types 3 in recent years, and digital economy has developed rapidly. The Internet platform is one of the infrastructure of the digital economy.

"Platform Economics and Competition Policy (2020)" issued by China Information Communications Research Institute Policy and Economic Research (2020) show that the Internet platform of more than $ 1 billion in China has reached 193, which is more than 126 in 2015. . From the scale of value, 2015-2019, the total value of China’s Internet platform increased from $ 79.7 billion to trillion, with an average annual compound growth rate. At the same time as the Internet platform develops, some issues are also highlighted, such as platform "two choices", big data "cooked", data security is risky, etc. In order to better promote the healthy development of China’s platform economy, the targeted and effectiveness of supervision, "Internet Platform Classification Classification Guide (Drafts)" proposed that the platform is divided into network sales classes based on the platform’s connection objects and main functions. , Life service, social entertainment, information information information, financial services, calculation application classes, etc. 6 major categories. At the same time, consider the size, business type, and limit capacity, "Internet platform classification classification guide (seeking opinion)" divide the Internet platform into three levels of super platform, large platform, and small and medium platforms.

Among them, the specific criteria of the super platform are: large users size, that is, the year’s annual active users in China are not less than 500 million; the super-wide business type, that is, the platform core business involves at least two types of platform business, the business involves network sales 6 major aspects of life service, social entertainment, information information, financial services, calculation and application; ultra high economic volume, that is, the market value (valuation) at the end of the platform is not less than 1 trillion yuan; super restrictions, The platform has superior restrictions of merchants to touch consumer (users).

Xue Jun, a professor of Peking University Law School, believes that "Internet Platform Classification Guide (Drafts)" emphasizes the standardization requirements for implementing reasonable grading classification for different types of Internet platforms, rather than various types of platform "one knife cut", this is A more pragmatic approach, especially distinguishing super platform and other platforms, making regulatory measures more targeted and effective. Wang Yong, deputy director of the Institute of Economics, Tsinghua University, said, "Super Platform" concept, helps to deepen the understanding of anti-monopoly problems in the platform economy, and guide related platform companies to pay more attention to standardize their own behavior. Platform main responsibility requirements are more refined "Internet Platform Implementation Subject Liability Guide (Draft for Comment)", there are 35, and different subject responsibilities are clarified for different types of platforms. Among them, the top 9 of the super large platforms, from 9 equipped competition demonstrations, equality governance, open ecology, data management, internal governance, risk assessment, risk prevention, security audit, promotion, etc., etc.

For other platform operators, 26 obligations that should be fulfilled in the information, record, publicity, platform user management, platform content management, etc.

Industry insiders pointed out that "Internet Platforms Implementation Subject Guide (Draft for Comment)" has important value for the formation of good oversight and compliance operations between regulators and major platform companies.

In particular, the ultra-large platform, due to its advantages in users, data, technology, etc., has stronger restriction competitiveness, requires more responsibility and obligation.

From the international context, there are currently many countries and regions to implement a greater supervision of large Internet platforms, requiring these platforms to assume the responsibility of "digital viewing people" and perform social responsibility.

For example, Germany refuses to open an ecological, shielding competitors, obstructing cross-platform competition, self-prevention, etc., made a clear prohibition.

The European "Digital Market Law" draft is determined to determine the "prior supervision" system, the "ex-obligation" that the large Internet platform needs to be implemented, that is, before the regulatory authorities discovery that there is violations of the platform or for some behaviors. . Some hot issues recently received in society have also been included in the "Internet Platform Implementation Subject Liability Guide (Draft for Comment)."

For example, "algorithm regulation" requires the Internet platform operators to use their master data to be recommended, order allocation, content push, price formation, performance assessment, reward and punishment arrangements, etc., need to comply with fairness, just, transparent principles, and comply with law , Regulations, respect social morality and basic scientific ethics, may not infringe in basic rights of citizens and legitimate rights and interests of enterprises; "Workers Protection" requires Internet platform operators to protect platform flexible employees’ physical and mental health, work environment safety, work environment, and obtain fairness, reasonable compensation And the rights of personal accidental injury protection must not restrict its employment in other Internet platforms. Liu Xu, a researcher of the National Strategic Institute of Tsinghua University, believes that "Internet Platforms Implementation Subject Responsibility Guide (Draft for Comment)" has responded to the social community to strengthen anti-monopoly on the Internet industry, require more detail, and beneficial Chinese companies better Participate in digital economy global governance, and better participate in international competition in overseas markets.

Consumer rights will further protect the "two choices" and "big data", and the URL link link to other platforms without justified reason, and the user’s personal information is collected … The worries will be valid after the "Internet Platform Classification Guide (Draft)" "Internet Platform Implementing the Subject Liability Guide (Draft for Comment)", and the basic rights and interests of various platform users will be further guaranteed. It is understood that "Internet Platform Classification Guidelines (Drafts)" "Internet Platform Implementation Subject Liability Guide (Draft for Comment) will cooperate. One of the basis for grading platforms in the Internet Platform Classification Guide (Draft for Platform "is the ability to limit the platform, that is, the platform has restrictions or obstructing merchants to contact consumers.

Super platform, large platforms have super-limiting capabilities and strong restrictions. "Internet platform implementation of the main responsibility guide (seeking opinion)" has put forward strict requirements for the implementation of the main responsibility of the super large platform operator and other platform operators.

For example, the super large platform operator is required to open an ecology, protect the user’s personal information data security, regularly evaluate the risk of violation of consumers, etc. Or make people misunderstanding the consumer transaction, should establish a convenient and effective complaint, reporting and dispute online settlement mechanism, establish internal supervision and inspection system, and urge the operators in the platform to provide products and services that meet the personnel, property safety requirements, etc. .

The industry believes that the two guides have drawn a "red line" for the Internet platform, providing a set of standards for corporate compliance, and maintaining consumer rights, increasing determinism.

For the government, it reflects two hand of adhered to development and regulatory norms, which is conducive to achieving preceding, incident, and afterwards in the whole chain. After the official implementation of the two guidelines, it will guide the future of the Internet industry supervision, better maintenance and protection of users of users. (Peng Jun Wen) (Editor: Wooden Yucheng, Xu Qian) Sharing let more people see.

Walking hotline talks about taxation

Walking hotline talks about taxation

It is reported that this event is one of the truthful activities of the Xinjiang Taxation Bureau to carry out partial history, implementing the specific practical activities of "I do practical things for the masses", is a pragmatic initiative to implement the "Opinions on Further Deepening Tax Coordinating Management" is active Promoting "I will pay truths for the taxpayer to pay the practice and the people’s festival", collect the important channels of the majority of taxpayers pay the actual needs and solve the tax-related issue.

In an hour’s live broadcast, the main broadcast room is constantly, the netizen is actively leaving, and the Xinjiang Taxation Bureau actively responds to the concern of the masses, answers to tax-related issues, and the interactive process is righteous and enthusiastic. The author learned that in order to carry out the practice of "I do practical practice" in party history education, the 30th National Tax Promotion Month, Xinjiang Taxation Bureau under the unified deployment of the State Administration of Taxation, in conjunction The interaction is based, and it is promoted to the "two-way" exchange to the "two-way" exchange, and the "interactive" accounting must be carried out through a variety of forms of face-to-face and network connectivity, such as: holding the "Convenience Tax Spring Breeze Action" symposium. The press conference of "I will pay for the taxpayer pay the fees", invite the "tax experience" and other activities to fully understand the new appeal of Xinjiang’s taxpayers, and do some targeted, continuous improvement, and launch high quality and efficient Intelligent, profit-pro-departments will make the people’s measures to better meet the rational needs of taxpayers, and better serve the economic and social development overall situation in Xinjiang.

(Sun Fuquan) (Editor: Yang Rui, Han Ting).

To the 100th Anniversary of the Party 100 Anniversary Opera "Red Boat" Jiaxing Premiere

To the 100th Anniversary of the Party 100 Anniversary Opera "Red Boat" Jiaxing Premiere

Original title: Opera "Red Boat" Jiaxing premiere on August 29th, on the evening of the 30th, the "Red Boat" in the Centourcing the Century Major Theme was first premiered in Jiaxing Grand Theater. "Red Boat" is a highlight of the 100th anniversary of the Zhejiang Province. The drama focused on the civil communities and a large party representative and the witnesses of the CPC, with a point, showed the birth of the Communist Party of China in a small boat in Jiaxing, and carrying historical options. Epic painting. The great journey of the Chinese Communists opened the Chinese revolution in Jiaxing South Lake, which is an immortal theme of the artistic creation of the majority of literary workers.

The red ship spirit of the opera has highlighted the spirit of the Chinese Communist Party, which is the spirit of the spirit of the Chinese revolution, indicating the initiality and mission of the Chinese Communists, carrying the party’s first spirit, struggle spirit and dedication. Since the launch of 2017, the "Red Boat" is highly valued and concerned with all parties.

The Ministry of National Culture and Tourism will be included in the "2019 Chinese National Opera Inheritance Development Project" focus on the repertoire, and many times in Beijing, Jiaxing organizes the disciplinary meeting, inviting domestic famous experts to discuss the scripts, solicit opinions, eight easy drafts . It is reported that the drama is published by the Provincial Party Committee Propaganda Department, the Provincial Culture and Tourism Hall, Jiaxing Municipal Party Committee, Municipal Government, Zhejiang Performing Arts Group (Zhejiang Song Dance Theater Co., Ltd.), Zhejiang Symphony Orchestra, Zhejiang Music Institute, Jiaxing Municipal Propaganda Department, Jiaxing City Cultural Radio and Television Tourism Bureau jointly performs. After the first round of performance, the creative performance person will further polish the work, enhance the quality of the drama and the stage art, and give gifts to the 100th Anniversary of the Party at higher quality.

(Editor: Guo Yang, Zhang Liwei).