Zhaoping County Procuratorate Assist in the first case of cross-provincial judicial assistance cases

Zhaoping County Procuratorate Assist in the first case of cross-provincial judicial assistance cases

Recently, the Zhaiping County Procuratorate assisted the Tinghu District Procuratorate of Zhaoqing City, Guangdong Province, to handle national judicial assistance cases, which is the first cross-provincial judicial assistance in the reconstruction of the hospital. It is reported that on October 25, the hospital received the Judicial Assistance Case Assistance letter from Dinghu District Procuratorate, entrusted whether the hospital was responsible for the victims of traffic accidents. The leaders of the hospital attach great importance to the rapid response, and immediately organized the police to conduct realistic visits. On October 27, the case team leading to He Liang, a member of the Zhaoping County Procuratorate, and a line of handling a row to the victims of Moumou, Zhongping Village, Miping Village, Mujia Township, the county, and the village committee and township government launched the investigation work. And inquiry the relevant personnel, I learned that Chen Moumou was injured after being caught by the motor vehicle registered by the traffic management department of the public security organ traffic management department after Ningmou, Dinghu District, Zhaoqing City, Guangdong Province, 2021.

After the incident, the perpetrators Ningmou only compensated 18,000 yuan to Chen Mou, and it could not pay more than 60,000 yuan of medical expenses during the hospitalization period and follow-up treatment fees. He shortly did not recover from the body, and it was unable to carry out labor. A six-mouth only relying on his wife to make a zero to maintain life, and the family economy is very tetached. The police officers believe that Chen Moumou is in line with national judicial assistance conditions, followed by timely feedback to Dinghu District Procuratorate. Currently, the case is being processed.

The hospital assists the Dinghu District Procuratorate to handle judicial assistance cases, fully played the procuratorate linkage, and actively integrate judicial assistance into the poverty, revitalize the country’s overall situation, and contribute to the effectiveness of the effectiveness of the rural resolution and the village revitalization work, reflecting The judiciary of the people, let the victim feel that the prosecution temperature is also fair and just, and the actual action is interpreted by the initial mission of "Procuratorates for Procuratorate". (He Liang, Li Ning, Lin Jing) (Editor: Zhou Yule, Huang Yuxi) Sharing let more people see.

The first batch of pension and financial products, the starting point of the product investment is 1 yuan

The first batch of pension and financial products, the starting point of the product investment is 1 yuan

  From December 6th, the first batch of pension and financial products were officially released in Wuhan, Chengdu, Shenzhen, and Qingdao. Investors holding local individual ID cards can be purchased through the line or online pathway. The product investment starting point is 1 yuan, and the total amount of older financial management products purchased by a single investor does not exceed 3 million yuan.

  According to reports, the first batch of pension and financial products are from Qiyubin Finance, Guangda Financial, Jianxin Finance and ICBC, and the four pilot institutions take line + online multi-channel sales, meet the requirements of investors to hold local individual ID card Go to the sales outlets of the corresponding institutions, or buy older financial products through online banking, mobile banking and other ways.

At present, the general bank’s financial product investment period is mostly under 3 years, and the investment period of pilot pension and financial products is 5 years. The Chief Executive Officer of the Microserviation Regulatory Commission, the director of the General Office, the news spokesperson Wang Chairman, was introduced at the Press Office of the State Council. Since this year, the Bank of China has made the development series of pension finance products as our country to improve multi-level, multi-pillar pension insurance system. Important content is caught.

The Bank of China actively carried out pilot pilots, according to the small steps, the overall gradual work ideas, comprehensively considering the urban scale, economic and social development level, and the needs of the residents, the needs of the residents, the needs of the East, China, China, western regional needs I chose Wuhan, Chengdu, Shenzhen, Qingdao four cities as a pilot financial management pilot city; at the same time, I chose the work and silver wealth management, the two state-owned large banks of the company, and the silver financial management, and the two joint stock banks of Guangda. Financial, a total of four wealth management companies as the pilot of our pension and financial products.

  In the scale of the pilot, according to the existing risk management capabilities, comprehensive considerations, it is determined that the raising scale of the single pilot work is not more than 10 billion yuan, and the purchase amount of a single investor does not exceed 3 million yuan.

Wang Chair said.


Xu Guangyu: "Trinity" training system accelerates the pace of high quality construction of military talents in my country

Xu Guangyu: "Trinity" training system accelerates the pace of high quality construction of military talents in my country

China Military Control and Disarmament Association Senior Consultant Xu Guangyu Qiangguo Forum: What is the background and meaning of "Decision" introduced? What is the basis for this "decision" provides new military talent training? Xu Guangyu: From two aspects, first, the military modern competition in major countries in the environment is very fierce, especially in the core competition of talents, which puts a higher demand for us; secondly, in the environment, our army is During the critical period of deepening reform, the goal of the Quality Construction Army is very pressing for military talents.

The promulgation of the "decision" is significant. It is a timely rain, and it will accelerate the high quality construction pace of my country’s military talents.

At the same time, it also provides a basis for the basis of policies and measures such as my country’s military talent training in China.

Strong Strong Forum: What is the relationship between "three driving carriages", military college education, military training practice, and military vocational education in new military talents Xu Guangyu: "Three carriages" is a benign circulation relationship between interdependence and promotion, but it has its own characteristics and focus. Military school education focuses on system training of different levels of officers; the forces are trained with the combative drills of single soldiers, combat platforms, and troops; military vocational education is mainly conducted by other self-education. The organic talent cultivation system of "Trinity" is to enter a benign circulation, and there must be strong and powerful leadership and implementation system, and a set of relevant legal systems to promote and guarantee. Strong National Forum: New military talent cultivation is a complex system engineering, what kinds of aspects should be paid in the training system? Xu Guangyu: Although there is a division of labor and focus on the division of labor, there are still some common requirements in military talent training. For example, all training sections should be particularly emphasized, "training is war, the battle is better", from actual needs The principle of departure; military talent training must emphasize the principle of "advancement with the times, quality first"; the operation of "three driving carriage" should pay attention to the actual efficiency of output and output. Strong Forum: In order to meet the needs of future military development, what should be made in your opinion, what qualities should be a qualified three-piece military talent? Xu Guangyu: First of all, political quality, do not forget the mission of remembering the mission, it is a must-have rigid indicator for ensuring high quality military talent combat will and winning blood nature; at the same time, it should also have the ability to adapt and drive modern high-tech military action. Comprehensive ability; highly disciplined and excellent style is an indispensable quality of military talents. Strong Strong Forum: From this year’s conscription work, the quality of soldiers continues to improve, and the proportion of college students is significantly improved last year. Do you think how to attract more excellent school-age college students to join the country? Xu Guangyu: Improve attraction needs to take a series of strong measures, such as improving the whole society to support the army, the power of the Zunjun, so that college students have self-germination of the pilot from the power and pride, and there are many specific ways to learn; To enhance the political treatment of military personnel, attach great importance to the level of substance treatment, especially the treatment of disability and reunion. (Editor: Prince Hou, Zhang Guii) Sharing let more people see.

Waterworks construction industry to help educate Xing Jin card company 20 years as one day pro-poor public

Waterworks construction industry to help educate Xing Jin card company 20 years as one day pro-poor public

Water plant construction, education aid, emerging industries …… Jin card company 20 years as one day, public-spirited, has donated more than 2.3 billion yuan.

Recently, Jin card company won the "National Advanced Collective tackling poverty."

Two water diversion project nourish millions of people leading light twist, "immortal" water unsolicited.

Daye Yin Zuzhen Hong Village 65-year-old villager Xiao Haiying took a bowl of water, could not conceal his excitement, gulp: "Wang Ying water reservoir, really sweet!" At 3:21 on January 2017 pm , Daye City, the integration of urban and rural water supply reservoir water diversion project officially Wang through the water.

Jin card company signed an agreement with Daye city government official Wang Reservoir Diversion Project will be donated to the city of Daye operations management.

This is the largest investment in Daye Jianshiyilai livelihood projects. On that day, the surrounding villagers have come to watch, his face full of joy, because they are the beneficiaries.

Wang quality water from the reservoir, the underground pipe network rushes in tens of kilometers, water import Yanzu director 120 meters, 16 meters wide cistern, a pool of clear water in the sun crystal clear. Wang Ying Reservoir, also known as "Xiandao Lake", the main reservoir water quality excellent, with plenty of water.

In 2014, after the multi-party investigation Daye City, selected Wang drinking water source reservoirs.

April 2015, water diversion project began. In February 2017, and Daye City Pipe Line, the official water supply.

The total size of the project of water supply of 300,000 tons / day, not only ensures the safety of drinking water and Yanzu Daye City, Liu Ren eight, Chen Gui and other towns, but also solve the problem of Yellowstone emergency backup water source, to further ensure the water supply of the city of Huangshi stability. While Daye construction of water diversion project, Jin card company has actively build positive new water diversion project. April 2016, Yang new water diversion project pipeline project starts; November 2017, Yang new raw water pipe line water diversion project water, raw water to the sun two new water plant. By the end of 2019, Yang new water diversion project is entirely completed, Yang Xincheng every day to provide residents with quality clean drinking water for 10 million cubic meters.

Two water diversion project, Jin card company invested a total of 9 million yuan, nourishing millions of people, inject fresh vigor into tackling poverty both rural poverty.

Wan Jing Brand sunlight classes help students Yuandaxuemeng education, blocking the intergenerational transmission of poverty. Jin card company portrait offer "strong card Sunshine classes."

Dawa Roger Gyantse High School is "strong card Sunshine class" students Shigatse, Tibet, who lives Kangmar County.

Poverty, gave his way of studying difficult.

"Let me go to school grants no worries." Jill said, learning opportunities hard to come by, particularly cherish, only hard study to repay this kindness. August 26, 2019, Jill participated in Daye started strong card of the second session of the "Sunshine Summer Camp" activities.

The same day, 226 "strong card Sunshine class" of students and teachers, from Guizhou, Yunnan, Xinjiang, Tibet and other places came face to face with education experts Jin licensing invited; they went to Wuhan, China HKUST and other leading universities together visit, take a look at the outside world, listen to the story of the struggle.

For 17 years, group after group of children therefore realize their dreams.

After a lot of children taught, chose to return home, nurturing homeland, efforts to help more kids dream to complete the "best cycling."

After graduating from college, Lin Hua less a return to his alma mater Nu River in Yunnan Fugong, the three feet on the podium stand.

"I am a strong card graduating class of the sun, this is my way back the community.

"He said, out of the mountains is a lot of kids dream of the mountains, he was willing to return to the mountains to help more children realize their dreams.

According to statistics, since 2004, launched the first "strong card Sunshine class" in Huanggang middle school years, the company has strong brand in 90 high schools in 31 provinces and autonomous regions opened 596 "strong card Sunshine Class", has invested 3 more than 100 million yuan, to help 圆了大学梦 million poor students. A parts industry party and party folks out of poverty only development of the industry, in order to provide continuous power to become rich folks.

Luocheng Autonomous County in Guangxi, since 2016, Jin card company put special poverty reduction fund, centralized settlements around east gate of the town square lods fire nest and other places in the county, to create 1,200 acres of Red kiwifruit industry demonstration park, drive 1200 the development of poor households out of poverty. 2017, Jin card company has invested 5 million yuan relief fund, strengthen the industrial development of the walnut, purchase seedlings expanding species, centralized management and protection play an exemplary role. Luo County in eight poverty-stricken counties, 2015-2017, Jin card company invested 100 million yuan, it has implemented four cotton town village water Tiger ecological point of relocation and resettlement project, the construction of Vitis base, rabbit venue such as the size of the nine projects, a radical improvement in six village production and living conditions, poverty and lay a solid foundation for the development. Hechi, Guangxi, Sichuan Liangshan, Bijie, Guizhou, Gansu Qingyang, Dehong, Yunnan, Jiangxi Guangchang …… regardless of the north and south, people regardless of affinity, poor people are willing to development of the industry, their own businesses, Jin card companies are pulling a portrait .

Jin card company public-spirited feat, the country has benefited more than the poor areas of the masses. Source: Hubei Daily reporter Zhang Aihu whole media.

Xi Jinping’s "Reading China" International Conference (Guangzhou) in 2021 issued a video

Xi Jinping’s "Reading China" International Conference (Guangzhou) in 2021 issued a video

Xinhua News Agency Beijing December 2nd, December 2nd, President Xi Jinping published a video to the opening of the "International Conference (Guangzhou) opening ceremony in Beijing.

Xi Jinping pointed out that at present, the world’s hundred years have nothing to change the global epidemic intersection of new coronal pneumonia epidemic, the world enters the turmoil. Here, we need to promote ideological communication and promote communication and cooperation, and contribute to global challenges to contribute wisdom and strength. Xi Jinping pointed out that I said, "I have to understand today’s China, I must understand the Chinese Communist Party." This year is the 100th anniversary of the founding of the Communist Party of China.

For 100 years, the Communist Party of China will lead the Chinese people to make unremitting struggles, fundamentally changed the future fate of the Chinese people, and deeply affected the world history process.

Not long ago, the Victorion of the 19th National Plenary Session of the 19th CPP has passed the "resolution of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China’s 100-year-old Struggle". The Chinese Communist Party will be in the future, create the future, do not forget the initial heart, keep in mind the mission, unity lead China The People ‘s Ended into the New Journey of Building a Socialist Modernization Country. The Chinese Communist Party will adhere to the people’s first, adhere to the fundamental purpose of the people, practice the people-oriented thinking, and constantly promote people’s comprehensive development and all the people together, better meet the Chinese people’s good life.

The Communist Party of China will adhere to the peaceful development path, adhere to the opening of the country, promote the construction of human fate communies, promote peace, development, fairness, justice, democracy, the whole humanity, and constructors, the world’s social development contributors , The maintenance of the international order is striving to make new and greater contributions to human civilization progress and world peace development.

US media comment: China and US reinforced Climate Action Joint Declaration Release Positive Signals

US media comment: China and US reinforced Climate Action Joint Declaration Release Positive Signals

On November 12th, the Bloomberg News Site issued an observation report on November 11th, entitled "unexpected Chinese climate agreement broke through the super big country confrontation".

The full text is as follows: China and the United States have vowed to work together to slow global warming. A joint declaration was unexpectedly published on Wednesday, and new motivation was injected into the last few days of global climate negotiation. This declaration also marks a rare cooperation between two super big countries that have fallen into geopolitic competition.

This statement changed the Atmosphere of Glasgow.

There, the representatives of the negotiators are tightly discussed on how to accelerate their actions and curb global temperature rise.

The Sino-US bilateral agreement has paved the road in 2015.

The joint founder of the British Zhiku Third Generation Environmentalist Institute said: this is the fact that it is geopolitical. China and the United States have shown that they will end the waters of the past few days.

This meeting provides a reserve guarantee for the tensions on many issues. Sino-US leaders have motivated to develop more stable relations between the two countries, and climate issues are one of several fewers of fields that can cooperate. However, with the long-term, in the long run, in the long run, the operation trajectory of these two world economies will still collide.

Shangzhuang District gehouden 2020 City-Rural Community Development Governance Highlights Work

Shangzhuang District gehouden 2020 City-Rural Community Development Governance Highlights Work

Op 15 januari werd het UPSTOOD gehouden in de ontwikkeling van 2020 stedelijke en landelijke gemeenschap en winnen.

Zhao Chenyang, lid van het Permanent Comité van het districtscommissie, organisatorische minister en directeur van het Sociaal Comité.

Voor de vergadering ging Zhao Chenyang naar het 10 gemeenschapsopbouw van Zhaigou Village, Yuyuan-gemeenschap, Chaoyang Street Community, geconcentreerd op de kenmerken van de ontwikkeling van de stedelijke en landelijke gemeenschap.

Zhao Chenyang bevestigde volledig de prestaties van het werk van de ontwikkeling in de 2020.

Hij wees erop dat in het nieuwe jaar het communautaire ontwikkelingsbeheerwerk van de Gemeenschap de "één leiding drie" zou moeten omringen, die volgens het leiderschap van de partijorganisatie de werkidee?n van de autonomie van de Gemeenschap, de rechtsstaat, en het werk en het werk en het werk en het werk en het werk is beseffen Van deugd, begin een goed bureau, speel een goede stap en cre?er vervolgens prestatie.

Hij benadrukte dat het verder optimaliseert van de sociale middelen, partijbouwbronnen en volledig gebruik van organisatorische kracht om autonoom werk te bevorderen. Het is noodzakelijk om de "vier discussie", "de twee openbaarmaking" en andere wetenschappelijke beslissingen "," Magic Weapon "te gebruiken, het democratische besluitvormingssysteem te verbeteren, zoals" kleine Raad "en" People’s Courier Station ", en speelt een goed Dorpsverdrag, de maatschappij de rol van autonome organisaties, verbetering van het vermogen van bewoners om deel te nemen aan de communautaire autonomie en het probleem van hete hardpunten van de massa’s effectief op te lossen. Om de publieke behandeling en het onderwijs in de "legale in de community", "wettelijke invoerende community" en andere platforms, "legaal in de Gemeenschap", enz. Lei Feng Service Base "beschikt over speciale modellen, bevorderen de constructie van de rechtsstaat , leid de bewoners, eer, gehoorzamen van de wet, het gebruik. Het is noodzakelijk om de selectie van "vijf goede familie", "vijf goede familie" uit te voeren en de massa’s te leiden om een ??gezonde en opwaartse stijl te vestigen; bouwen "dubbele honderd projecten" en andere activiteiten, verrijken het spirituele culturele leven van de Massa’s; Speel een nieuw ERA Civilization Practice Centre (station), Lean Lei Feng Volunteer Service Centre (station), open organisatieleven Basis, verbeter de beschaafde kwaliteit van de massa’s.

Zhao Chenyang eiste dat partijorganisaties op alle niveaus het mensen-geori?nteerde denken moeten vaststellen, in overeenstemming met de uniforme eisen van provinciale, gemeenten en districtscommissies, volledig de rectificatie van onvergetelijke constructie voltooien, de "drie soorten projecten" op te lossen, Bouw "" Three Squares ", realiseer je" vier samen ", doe" vijf ", waardoor nieuwe bijdragen aan de prachtige bouw van de bovenverdieping zijn.

(Zhao Dongdong, de afdeling Propaganda van Zhengzhou City, Zhao Dongdong) (Editor: Yu Siyuan, Xu Chi).

Volledige Process Robot Application Demonstratie verscheidenheid van intelligente Robots Service Beijing Winter Olympische Spelen

Volledige Process Robot Application Demonstratie verscheidenheid van intelligente Robots Service Beijing Winter Olympische Spelen

  Tijdens de Winter Orance, de Municipal and Technology Commission van Beijing draait het Comité van Zhongguancun en Technology, het Zhongguancun Management Committee draait om stedelijke operatie, actief lay-out in de kunstmatige intelligente industrie, om een ??intelligent onderzoek naar een volledig proces te maken, in de winter, in de winter Olympisch dorp, de winter Olympische Spelen, vast ziekenhuis wachten op de applicatie en stel 8 servicetype intelligente robots op gecentraliseerde demonstratiedistricten in 4 Winter Olympische Spelen in Haidian, Chaoyang, Shijingshan en Yanqing District, Verzamel intelligente begeleiding, Mobile Sales, Security Inspection, Distribution Services, Clean Cleaning en andere soorten slimme robots meer dan 100 intelligente robots.

  In het beveiligingsveld zijn er zoveel kwantitatieve productiebeveiligingsrobots in de wereld, de grootste kenmerken van de eni-beveiligingsinspectie-robot ontworpen door kruispunt een sterke passage, die rekening kan houden met veel complexe trottoirs. Het kan gemakkelijk worden behandeld 30 ° klimmen en 10 cm. Met uitstekende prestatie-eni-beveiliging inspectie-robots exporteren niet alleen naar tientallen landen, maar worden ook ‘s werelds eerste beveiligingsrobot in de basis van Everest. De Olympische Winterspelen wordt ook ingezet in Peking Winter Olympic Village. Verantwoordelijk voor real-time monitoring van De epidemische preventie in de patrouille, de uitgebreide monitoringinformatie van "Bekijken, luisteren, luisteren, gas, en heet" wordt teruggevoerd naar de Olympische Winterspelen. Op het gebied van reiniging, GAIXIAN GS50 Commercial Cleaning Robots met een verscheidenheid aan functies zoals stof, wassen, en het vernevelen van desinfectie, evenals zelfconstructietekeningen, padplanning en andere vaardigheden, kunt u alle automatische bediening en autonoom weergeven Vermijding. De IB500AI Smart Garbage Collection Robot gedomineerd door Beijing Sanitatiegroep Milieumateriaal Co. Taakontwerp, automatische loading kaart, afval Volledige overloopmonitoring, sterilisatie en andere functies, enz., Tijdens Winter Olympics landde in het winkelcentrum van Fangheng in Chaoyang.

  In termen van interactieve diensten, "Leopard Little Secret" Flagship Model van de Orion Starry, kunt u een welkome receptie, interactief entertainment, gezichtsherkenning, toonaangevende uitleg, Q & A-raadpleging, gegevensanalyse en autonome laadfunctie, winterolympics in de periode in de periode een overleg, de toonaangevende uitleg en de autonome oplaadfunctie, de Olympische Winterspelen, Olympische Winterspelen, Winter Olympische Winter Olympische Winterspelen, Winter Olympics in de periode in de periode , de Engelse versies bieden toonaangevende, receptie en begeleide service voor buitenlandse vrienden in Olympics Winter Olympics, Olympische Winterspelen. Een ander product "Leopard Big White" in de sterke sterke R & D is de robotarm.

Gebaseerd op de miljoenen visuele training, is het een "netto rode" robot met de zachtvormige thee-technologie van de molen, de benauwde, brouwen, de beker, opruimen, enz. Tijdens de Olympische Winterspelen zijn er veel Buitenlandse vrienden om te stoppen met het kijken en proeven in Yanqing Winter Olympics.

  Tijdens de Olympische Spelen in Beijing Winter, wordt meer dan een multi-stijl, meermodel-distributierobot toegepast. De "Run" van Yun Lot Science and Technology is een servicrobot die een lift kan maken. Het heeft intelligente creatie-kaarten, autonome vermijding, automatisch rendement, automatisch bellen, enz. 100 miljoen, die in 25 landen en regio’s over de hele wereld bedekken, tijdens De Olympische Winterspelen, het ondertekeningshotel wordt gebruikt in de Olympische Winterspelen voor de detailhandel.

Een andere multi-afgedekte robot van het bedrijf heeft vier-capsule-ontwerp, de hoed kan worden geconverteerd volgens de grootte van het artikel, het maximum kan bestand zijn tegen 10 kg belasting, kan multi-taak levering van de hele verdieping bereiken, dus in Beijing Dongao Dorp, etc. De vraag wordt gebruikt in materialenoverdracht, en ook in Olympische Olympische Winterspelen en Winter Olympische Spelen voor Item Levering. Het belangrijkste kenmerk van de robot "Lucky Leopard" is om druk te zijn, wanneer de passagier, de functie uitgebreid is, en de laadcapaciteit is zeer aanzienlijk, en de dagelijkse levering van het reguliere restaurant kan worden voldaan, en de Olympische Winterspelen van de Winter zullen zijn Genomen naar Dong’ao Specialist Hospital., het ondertekenen van het hotel en andere plaatsen. "Magic Bag 20" Automatische distributie in Peking Sanshang Online Technology Co, Ltd (Amerikaanse missie) is niet alleen 150 kilogram, maar ook 120 kilometer, en de openbare wegdistributie is 120 kilometer, en tijdens de Olympische Winterspelen in de stad Peking in Beijing City. Gedistribueerde bijna 40.000 bestellingen, automatisch rijdende kilometers is meer dan 100.000 kilometer. (Reporter Lejia).

When you are caught up, you may have to cultivate a hobby like Dapeng Education.

When you are caught up, you may have to cultivate a hobby like Dapeng Education.

Life. The flower bird special course has been a few months. When referring to the student living in Dapeng, she said: There is a good dedicated teacher here, have a hard work, the class for more than two months, never know how to touch the color, I can play my own work, I can Feel your own progress.

Thanksgiving Dapeng Education Takes me into the world of Chinese painting, bringing me to the beauty of the Chinese studies, and I am grateful to Dapeng Education makes me feel the beauty of life! Thanks to the teachers to teach! Thanksgiving companion accompanying and help! For five months, the main school calligraphy.

She first learned the book, and learned the book, and the current book course has been an end. For the study experience of Dapeng Education, she said: In these months, with the careful explanation and patience of the teacher, I am a qualitative leap to call the calligraphy, now I can get some small. Created.

At the same time, I also participated in the National Painting and Calligraphy Art Competition. Now I have entered the finals, I am very grateful to Dapeng Education, thank the teacher, let me have a chance to grow! Some; when you see your stay, you should treat it seriously.

To operate your hobbies with your heart, you are happy, I believe that life will also be born.

If you want to enrich your life, come to Dapeng Education! Editor in charge: kJ005.

Zhou Enlai female Zhou Bingde Remember Prime Minister: family is ordinary people

Zhou Enlai female Zhou Bingde Remember Prime Minister: family is ordinary people

[Say] What is Zhou Enlai Prime Minister’s clothing and food? He also made a self-review because of what happened in the State Council? Recently, Zhou Enlai prime prime prime prostitutes, the original deputy society of China, Zhou Bingde, Zhou Bingde, accepted an exclusive interview with China’s "China Focus", recalling the family’s story of the Prime Minister. [Solution] Zhou Bingde said that Premier Zhou was against waste, luxurious.

When you eat at home, you only need a one-piece soup. When you work, you only eat the ordinary cafeteria, wear the shirt inside "to make up and break again".

[Same period] Zhou Enlai Prime Minister’s prostitute It is also wearing this kind of dress when going abroad, lives in the Presidential House, the palace, all live in those places, how can they be washed, his staff put his clothes in the small suitcase, put in us Embassy, ??our ambassador’s wife helped, the ambassador cried when he washed, did not dare to force, a force will break, very thin, there is a lot of patch, you have to catch a grasp A grab, wash it clean. [Journalist] Zhou Bingmie told reporters that Premier Zhou did not like material enjoyment, and he never considered himself. His Western Flower Hall is built in the late Qing Dynasty, the old, wet, the prime minister’s legs is not good, often feels discomfort. A two old people left Beijing, and the staff did not win the prime minister to agree to the housing. The square bricks on the ground changed to the wooden board, and the joints were replaced with soft beds, curtains and bathtubs.

[Same period] Zhou Enlai Prime Minister’s prostitute, the original deputy chief of China, Zhou Bunded, came back, and reached another simple place. It took a few days, and later, you can’t say, some leadership comrades say that we have to discuss things with you, you should come back. The secretary also made a review, and the curtains changed back. The shabby curtains were the kind of shabby curtains that had already been hit. The soft bed was changed, and it was a wooden bed back, but the ground should not turn it back, After turning over, it is not more labor to hurt money, and the bathtub is also put on the ground, and there is no change. In this case, I will live back, I have to check two times in the Supreme State Council. "My Prime Minister is not good, I have to bring a good head, you will learn well, learn good things.

If I take a bad head, you will follow me. Don’t learn to learn from me, I really want to review this matter, don’t learn from me. "[Explanation] Zhou Bingte said that the principle of Premier Zhou is that the Communist Party members should serve the people of the whole country, they can’t make private benefits for themselves. The prime minister brought the biggest impact of the next generation of the next generation of the next generation is that they are ordinary people, everything is With national interests, the interests of the people are.

[Same period] Zhou Enlai prime prime prostitute Never because I am a national prime minister, you have any privileges, don’t say that the enjoyment of privilege can’t enjoy, privilege thoughts can’t be, it is not allowed.

"This is a very deep education for us. [Journal] Zhou Bingde believes that the home is connected to the party political style, as a cadre, to grasp the self-discipline, then to establish a good home. Reporter Liu Chao Wang Beijing report.