Red Memory on Jingchu – Walking into Wuhan Huangqi

Red Memory on Jingchu – Walking into Wuhan Huangqi

One side of red fertile soil, pregnant revolutionary spirit, Wuhan Huangqi is one of the earliest people in the country to perceive revolutionary trends.

Progress Youth Tang Sheng, Wu Guanghai and others in their hometown – Huang Hao Wangjiahe Sanhe store launched a "rural improvement society", spread Marxism-linist thinking.

In 1925, Huang Yu’s first CPC Parthen Organization-Branch of the CCP, not only quickly affected yellow, and quickly radiated around the surrounding area, and prepared it for the sprouting of the nation’s jute.

Mulanshan ignited the revolutionary bonfire. The seventh army of the Chinese Workers and Agricultural Red Army was born here, leaving excellent fire in accordance with the basis of the Eu Yu. Li Xiannian, Chen Shao Min and other older generation of proletarian revolutionary organized military and civilians against the Japanese, developing economies, carrying out trade, and strengthening the revolutionary team in Huang Yu and its surrounding areas. In Huang Yao Yao Jiashan formed a "Wuhan Anti-War First Village", and wrote a strong poems of the strong ink heavy color for the War of China. The car tall dragon replaced the bonfire, and the annual round of the year was precipitated.

Review the magnificent revolutionary history, in the Revolution of the 1911, a series of major revolutionary historical incidents such as the Japanese and other major revolutionary historical events, reflecting that Huang Yu people are in suffering in suffering. Brilliant. (Wuhan Party History Learning Education Office, Huang Yu Party History Learning Education Office) (Editor: Zhou Wei, Zhang Wei).

Waterworks construction industry to help educate Xing Jin card company 20 years as one day pro-poor public

Waterworks construction industry to help educate Xing Jin card company 20 years as one day pro-poor public

Water plant construction, education aid, emerging industries …… Jin card company 20 years as one day, public-spirited, has donated more than 2.3 billion yuan.

Recently, Jin card company won the "National Advanced Collective tackling poverty."

Two water diversion project nourish millions of people leading light twist, "immortal" water unsolicited.

Daye Yin Zuzhen Hong Village 65-year-old villager Xiao Haiying took a bowl of water, could not conceal his excitement, gulp: "Wang Ying water reservoir, really sweet!" At 3:21 on January 2017 pm , Daye City, the integration of urban and rural water supply reservoir water diversion project officially Wang through the water.

Jin card company signed an agreement with Daye city government official Wang Reservoir Diversion Project will be donated to the city of Daye operations management.

This is the largest investment in Daye Jianshiyilai livelihood projects. On that day, the surrounding villagers have come to watch, his face full of joy, because they are the beneficiaries.

Wang quality water from the reservoir, the underground pipe network rushes in tens of kilometers, water import Yanzu director 120 meters, 16 meters wide cistern, a pool of clear water in the sun crystal clear. Wang Ying Reservoir, also known as "Xiandao Lake", the main reservoir water quality excellent, with plenty of water.

In 2014, after the multi-party investigation Daye City, selected Wang drinking water source reservoirs.

April 2015, water diversion project began. In February 2017, and Daye City Pipe Line, the official water supply.

The total size of the project of water supply of 300,000 tons / day, not only ensures the safety of drinking water and Yanzu Daye City, Liu Ren eight, Chen Gui and other towns, but also solve the problem of Yellowstone emergency backup water source, to further ensure the water supply of the city of Huangshi stability. While Daye construction of water diversion project, Jin card company has actively build positive new water diversion project. April 2016, Yang new water diversion project pipeline project starts; November 2017, Yang new raw water pipe line water diversion project water, raw water to the sun two new water plant. By the end of 2019, Yang new water diversion project is entirely completed, Yang Xincheng every day to provide residents with quality clean drinking water for 10 million cubic meters.

Two water diversion project, Jin card company invested a total of 9 million yuan, nourishing millions of people, inject fresh vigor into tackling poverty both rural poverty.

Wan Jing Brand sunlight classes help students Yuandaxuemeng education, blocking the intergenerational transmission of poverty. Jin card company portrait offer "strong card Sunshine classes."

Dawa Roger Gyantse High School is "strong card Sunshine class" students Shigatse, Tibet, who lives Kangmar County.

Poverty, gave his way of studying difficult.

"Let me go to school grants no worries." Jill said, learning opportunities hard to come by, particularly cherish, only hard study to repay this kindness. August 26, 2019, Jill participated in Daye started strong card of the second session of the "Sunshine Summer Camp" activities.

The same day, 226 "strong card Sunshine class" of students and teachers, from Guizhou, Yunnan, Xinjiang, Tibet and other places came face to face with education experts Jin licensing invited; they went to Wuhan, China HKUST and other leading universities together visit, take a look at the outside world, listen to the story of the struggle.

For 17 years, group after group of children therefore realize their dreams.

After a lot of children taught, chose to return home, nurturing homeland, efforts to help more kids dream to complete the "best cycling."

After graduating from college, Lin Hua less a return to his alma mater Nu River in Yunnan Fugong, the three feet on the podium stand.

"I am a strong card graduating class of the sun, this is my way back the community.

"He said, out of the mountains is a lot of kids dream of the mountains, he was willing to return to the mountains to help more children realize their dreams.

According to statistics, since 2004, launched the first "strong card Sunshine class" in Huanggang middle school years, the company has strong brand in 90 high schools in 31 provinces and autonomous regions opened 596 "strong card Sunshine Class", has invested 3 more than 100 million yuan, to help 圆了大学梦 million poor students. A parts industry party and party folks out of poverty only development of the industry, in order to provide continuous power to become rich folks.

Luocheng Autonomous County in Guangxi, since 2016, Jin card company put special poverty reduction fund, centralized settlements around east gate of the town square lods fire nest and other places in the county, to create 1,200 acres of Red kiwifruit industry demonstration park, drive 1200 the development of poor households out of poverty. 2017, Jin card company has invested 5 million yuan relief fund, strengthen the industrial development of the walnut, purchase seedlings expanding species, centralized management and protection play an exemplary role. Luo County in eight poverty-stricken counties, 2015-2017, Jin card company invested 100 million yuan, it has implemented four cotton town village water Tiger ecological point of relocation and resettlement project, the construction of Vitis base, rabbit venue such as the size of the nine projects, a radical improvement in six village production and living conditions, poverty and lay a solid foundation for the development. Hechi, Guangxi, Sichuan Liangshan, Bijie, Guizhou, Gansu Qingyang, Dehong, Yunnan, Jiangxi Guangchang …… regardless of the north and south, people regardless of affinity, poor people are willing to development of the industry, their own businesses, Jin card companies are pulling a portrait .

Jin card company public-spirited feat, the country has benefited more than the poor areas of the masses. Source: Hubei Daily reporter Zhang Aihu whole media.

Zhejiang local standard "River (Lake) Changching Work Specification" officially implemented

Zhejiang local standard "River (Lake) Changching Work Specification" officially implemented

  Comprehensive implementation of the long system of the river (lake), the Party Central Committee, the State Council to strengthen the major decision-making deployment made by the management of rivers and lakes, is the internal requirements of the green development and promote the construction of ecological civilization. Recently, Zhejiang local standards "River (Lake) Long-made Work Code" (DB33 / T2361-2021) (hereinafter referred to as "Specifications") officially implemented, boosting the river (lake) long-made work and then new steps. At present, under the guidance of the "Zhejiang River Long System" issued in 2017, there are about 10,000 provinces, municipalities, counties, townships and villages, and the five-level rivers and lakes, basically form a complete set of rivers and lakes. Enter the system and long-term mechanism. However, "Zhejiang River Long System" only proposes a program, principled requirements for river long system, and urgently need an operability and can be specified and guided. In order to further deepen the management of Zhejiang River (Lake), the River (Lake) long-term assessment system, effectively improve the management level and comprehensive quality of the river (lake) long, from 2019, Zhejiang started research to prepare Zhejiang local standard rivers ( Lake) Long-made Work Specification. After a test, discussions, discussions and comments, Zhejiang local standards "River (Lake) long-standing work norms" was approved by Zhejiang Provincial Market Supervision Administration, by Zhejiang Beautiful Zhejiang Construction Leading Group River Long System, Zhejiang Water Resources Department Joint issued.

  As the first provincial standard, scientific norm, effective practicality, which has a guiding role in the river (lake) long-term work, is the greatest feature of "norms".

"Standard" covers the basic requirements, work content, implementation requirements, information disclosure and archive management of the river (lake) long, and promoting the long-term work of the river (lake) from "chapter" to " "Rebond to" label ".

  At the construction of the personnel, "Standards" propose to set up provincial, municipal, county, township four-level river long, and follow the principles of the combination of the basis of the unity and grading segments (film) management, provincial, city, county, township , The village five-level river lake leader organizational system; the river (lake) has been adjusted, and the work handover should be completed within 10 working days; the county level and the above river (lake) long adjustment period, the river (lake) long Contact some of the contacts should be duty; during the rural river (lake) long adjustment period, the hometown total river head should designate the person in charge of the same level to perform. In the inspection requirements, "Standards" clear the provincial river (lake) long inspection work should not be less than 1 time each year, the city-level river (lake) long inspection work should not be less than 1 time, county-level river (lake) The long inspection work should not be less than 1 time, the hometown river (Lake) long inspection work should not be less than 1 month, the village-level river (lake) long inspection work should not be less than 1 time, and The main responsibility of the long rivers (lakes).

The township, the village-level river lake leader inspected on-site inspection, mainly inspected the illegal invade the waters, illegal sands, and throwing a lot of life garbage, sewage direct (stealing, leak) row in the management of the river lake.

  In response to the problem of the river (Lake) long inspection, "Standards" is divided into slight problems, general problems, major problems, three categories, 10 working days, respectively, 30 working days, respectively, 30 working days, respectively, 30 working days, 30 working days A working day.

Problems and classifications are based on formalization, monogram, normative, and strong guidance. For example, there is a slight problem with domestic garbage or construction waste, landfill, storage, and stacking.

  In addition, "Regulating" has made regulations against rivers (lake) long publicity, publicity and public participation, files. The relevant person in charge said that the development and implementation of the "Specification" will promote local standards to carry out the long system of rivers (lake), improve the effectiveness of river lake management, enhance the sense of acquaintance and happiness of the society, and provide strong Zhejiang construction Powerful support and protection. (Meilin Rong) (Editor-in: Ye Bing, Kang Mengqi) Sharing let more people see recommendation reading.

Xi Jinping’s "Reading China" International Conference (Guangzhou) in 2021 issued a video

Xi Jinping’s "Reading China" International Conference (Guangzhou) in 2021 issued a video

Xinhua News Agency Beijing December 2nd, December 2nd, President Xi Jinping published a video to the opening of the "International Conference (Guangzhou) opening ceremony in Beijing.

Xi Jinping pointed out that at present, the world’s hundred years have nothing to change the global epidemic intersection of new coronal pneumonia epidemic, the world enters the turmoil. Here, we need to promote ideological communication and promote communication and cooperation, and contribute to global challenges to contribute wisdom and strength. Xi Jinping pointed out that I said, "I have to understand today’s China, I must understand the Chinese Communist Party." This year is the 100th anniversary of the founding of the Communist Party of China.

For 100 years, the Communist Party of China will lead the Chinese people to make unremitting struggles, fundamentally changed the future fate of the Chinese people, and deeply affected the world history process.

Not long ago, the Victorion of the 19th National Plenary Session of the 19th CPP has passed the "resolution of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China’s 100-year-old Struggle". The Chinese Communist Party will be in the future, create the future, do not forget the initial heart, keep in mind the mission, unity lead China The People ‘s Ended into the New Journey of Building a Socialist Modernization Country. The Chinese Communist Party will adhere to the people’s first, adhere to the fundamental purpose of the people, practice the people-oriented thinking, and constantly promote people’s comprehensive development and all the people together, better meet the Chinese people’s good life.

The Communist Party of China will adhere to the peaceful development path, adhere to the opening of the country, promote the construction of human fate communies, promote peace, development, fairness, justice, democracy, the whole humanity, and constructors, the world’s social development contributors , The maintenance of the international order is striving to make new and greater contributions to human civilization progress and world peace development.

WTO-ambtenaren: in de expo voor het bevorderen van internationale handel

WTO-ambtenaren: in de expo voor het bevorderen van internationale handel

Xinhua News Agency, 6 november (Reporter Chen Binjie Chen Junxia) World Trade Organization Deputy Director-General Zhang Tong Chen ontving een goed platform in China in Genève, China International Import Expo heeft een goed platform voor de wereld gebouwd, het bevorderen van internationale handelspositieve effecten . Zhang Xian Chen zei dat de expo een zeer goed internationaal publieksproduct is geworden om een ??actieve rol te bevorderen bij het bevorderen van internationale uitwisseling van handel en handelsbeleid.

China hield een inkomende conferentie, moedigde landen aan om naar China te exporteren, iedereen te verwelkomen om de Chinese markt binnen te gaan, wat het consistente open beleid van China weerspiegelt.

Hij zei dat het in het geval van economische globalisering een enorme rol heeft gespeeld in het geval van handelsprekendheid.

De WTO-woordvoerder Keith Rockwell zei in een interview met Xinhua News Agency, de WTO let op de expo in Shanghai, en hij stuurde een vertegenwoordiger om deel te nemen aan de twee die de expo is ingevoerd.

Dit jaar stuurde de WTO het naar het groepsorganisatiecomité van de Groep naar China’s 20-jarig jubileum en de foto-set en videogegevens van het thema van de 12e ministeri?le Conferentie van de WTO.

Rockwell zei dat China een inschrijvingsbijeenkomst heeft gehouden om bedrijven van over de hele wereld te helpen de Chinese markt te verkennen, producten te tonen aan Chinese klanten en partners, en onderhandelen over samenwerking. "Dit is een zeer goede zaak, (in de expo) is een open initiatief. Rockwell zei ook dat de ingang van de Expo ook China helpt bij te dragen aan nieuwe vrienden, nieuwe idee?n te krijgen, contact op te nemen met nieuwe producten, nieuwe diensten en de wereld begrijpen. "In de spul is dit een zeer goed initiatief." (Editor: AI Wen, Yan Wei) Delen Laat meer mensen zien.

US media comment: China and US reinforced Climate Action Joint Declaration Release Positive Signals

US media comment: China and US reinforced Climate Action Joint Declaration Release Positive Signals

On November 12th, the Bloomberg News Site issued an observation report on November 11th, entitled "unexpected Chinese climate agreement broke through the super big country confrontation".

The full text is as follows: China and the United States have vowed to work together to slow global warming. A joint declaration was unexpectedly published on Wednesday, and new motivation was injected into the last few days of global climate negotiation. This declaration also marks a rare cooperation between two super big countries that have fallen into geopolitic competition.

This statement changed the Atmosphere of Glasgow.

There, the representatives of the negotiators are tightly discussed on how to accelerate their actions and curb global temperature rise.

The Sino-US bilateral agreement has paved the road in 2015.

The joint founder of the British Zhiku Third Generation Environmentalist Institute said: this is the fact that it is geopolitical. China and the United States have shown that they will end the waters of the past few days.

This meeting provides a reserve guarantee for the tensions on many issues. Sino-US leaders have motivated to develop more stable relations between the two countries, and climate issues are one of several fewers of fields that can cooperate. However, with the long-term, in the long run, in the long run, the operation trajectory of these two world economies will still collide.

Tik tok! American media: Jojac storm from China swept around the world

Tik tok! American media: Jojac storm from China swept around the world

The American Cable News Network (CNN) reported that a hanging (overseas name Tiktok) is an entrepreneurial beating from Beijing. China has a mature social media and video platform: Tencent WeChat, Sina Weibo and Alibaba’s Youku, but the shake has won a place from overseas markets. "It is the success of it in social media classification, the original social media is the world of Facebook, Tit and Snap, all of which are Western." Analysis Company Sensortower Mobile Confidentiator Nelson said. In 2018, the popularity of social video applications created a new high.

According to the analysis company SENSORTOWER data, there are three 10 applications in the world’s downloads, and there are three video applications, and the byte beating company takes two seats – shake and volcanic small video (overseas version of Vigo) There is a famous list. Taking artificially intelligent attracting user bytes to position themselves as an artificial intelligence. It uses machine learning and algorithms to determine the content of the user, and provide them with the corresponding information according to the user’s preference.

In 2016, the company launched a video application that uses similar algorithms – shake.

It has functions similar to the SnapChat, and people can edit and add filters to their own videos.

The global success attracts Cook to visit byte beats in the early days.

Last year, the company accelerated global expansion.

In just 10 months, it acquires the US short video to apply Flipagram, released the overseas version of the tremble, and acquired with $ 800 million, this is a short video of the popular music in the United States and other Western countries. Community application. Byte beats these initiatives have a huge user base in Asia, Europe and North America and South America.

According to Sensortower, from the overall download, the video empire that the byte beating continuously has made it a world’s fifth largest application manufacturer.

In the third quarter of 2018, the download of hanging was more than five times the same period last year.

Take 39 cases involved in the hospital’s infringement piracy case

Take 39 cases involved in the hospital’s infringement piracy case

  Incorporate "Hello, Li Huanying" into the warning protection to close the infringement website (public account) 45 separately investigated the hospital’s hospital infringement pirated case 39 concerned World Intellectual Property Day April 26th is World Intellectual Property Day, The National New Office held a launch conference, requested the relevant person in charge of the Office of the International Ministry of Commerce, the Ministry of Intellectual Property Office, including the Ministry of Commerce, the National Intellectual Property Office, and the New Progress Report (2020) ", and A reporter asked.

  Tang Zhaozhi, the head of the Central Propaganda Department, the head of the CPC Copyright, said on the meeting, from 2 to March this year, in order to standardize the copyright order of the film market, the Central Propaganda Copyright Administration, the Central Propaganda Film Bureau, the Public Security Department Food and Drug Crime Investigation Bureau jointly deployed The centralized action of cracking down on the cinema pirates, adopted a variety of effective measures, and severely crack down on the dissemination of illegal crimes in the Spring Festival architecture. First, deploy early warning protection. On February 8, the State Copyright Administration issued the "2021 second-batch key work copyright protection warning list", including 7 Spring Festival of Spring Festival, "Hello, Li Huanying" into early warning protection, requires content, storage, search link Various network service providers such as e-commerce websites, application stores take effective measures to prevent infringement behavior such as infringement in the hospital’s movie patection in advance.

  The second is to strengthen inspection monitoring.

All local copyrights, movie authorities strengthen the management of the cinema, strictly prevent sneak shots, and increase the network inspection and pirated monitoring.

The monitoring results show that the formal video website does not appear in the Spring Festival station movie infringement piracy phenomenon, pirated content, links through social platforms, network disk, e-commerce platform and unselected "three no" small websites illegally spread, most " "Three" small website servers are located outside.

  The third is to quickly dispose of infringement.

Quickly remove more than 30,000 units of the Spring Festival Articles.

  The fourth is to investigate the big case. At present, there have been 39 key cases of post-hospital movie and infringement piracy, close the infringement website (public number), and effectively curb the piracy of the hospital. Next, the law enforcement departments of all localities will deeply dig the pirated source, increase the hitting efforts to steal the cinema, severely investigate and deal with sales, spread the website (APP) of pirated film, WeChat public account, e-commerce operators, and supervise all network platforms to strengthen The main responsibility of the enterprise, and the pirates of the right of the right of the rights are strong and the social harmful pirates are subject to the law. Text / This reporter Xiong Yingqi Zhang Enjie sentenced cases unauthorized to provide a sign of a movie, a movie, a movie is awarded a million yuan movie "I am not Pan Jinlian" with a sign language version? A few days ago, I’ve made a picture of a movie app "I am not a Pan Jinlian" film to be infringed and claim 10,000 yuan. On April 26th, the Beijing Internet Court made a judgment of the case, identified a movie and television APP Shanghai Qiaojia Cultural Media Co., Ltd., arbitrarily handed over the behavior of film and television resources, infringed the excitement information of the copyright owner Aiyi Technology Co., Ltd. Network distribution rights need to compens for 10,000 yuan.

Shanghai Qiaojia People Culture Media Co., Ltd. said in court.

  Iqiyi Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Iqiyi Company") claims that as a copyright owner involved in the case, Shanghai Qiaojia Cultural Media Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Qiaojia People") arbitrarily handed over the film "I am not Pan Jinlian, and on the basis of film screen and acoustic effects, add corresponding dubbing, sign language translation and sound source subtitles, which have constituted a violation of the power of the video information network. Qiao Jiaren argued that its operational film and television APP is an unpaid public welfare network platform for disabled people. It is partned with a publishing house. The film and television program placed is issued by the publishing house, and does not belong to the unauthorized handling.

And according to the copyright law, my country is obliged to ensure that persons with disabilities have obtained TV programs, movies and other cultural activities provided in barrier-free models, and will change the published works into Braille publishing belonging to rational use.

Therefore, it does not constitute an infringement.

  The Beijing Internet Court has been tried that there is no evidence that the Publishing House of Qiaojia Company has achieved the authorization of "I am not Pan Jinlian" copyright owner, and the handling version "I am not Pan Jinlian" did not integrate new expression on the original basis. No new works are formed. Therefore, according to the copyright law, its behavior is infringement. In addition, the film and television APP cannot guarantee that the login user is a specific disabled person, and un-specific social public can obtain the built-in film and television resources through the APP, and does not constitute a reasonable use in the copyright law.

  However, the court is considering the vary of the value, infringement of the vitality, and the film is considered to be aware of a visibility, but it has been hot during the infringement. And Qiaojia Company provides "I am not a Pan Jinlian" barrier-free play version of the illegal playback version is to facilitate disabled people, the infringement is small, and the amount of hits, the court will determine the amount of compensation as appropriate, so the above judgment is made.

  Text / This reporter Zhao Qiqi intern Guo Han Yangyang Network Literature New Book Preview Announcement of Someone Subject Name Lost Raising Damage Damage Damage Damage Damage Damage Damage Damage Damage Damage Damage Damage Damage Damage Damage Damage Damage Damage Damage Damage Damage Damage Damage Dolly Dollar April On April 26 "white paper").

White paper shows that in 2020 China’s network literature market is billion, pirated loss is worth 100 million yuan, and more than 40% of writers are frequently infringed, and the importance of copyright protection is more prominent.

  According to the white paper data, the number of Chinese digital entertainment core industries is worth 100 million in 2020, of which the network literature market is from 100 million yuan, industry revenue mainly comes from user payment and copyright operation.

The vigorous development of online literature also brings a machine to pirated infringement. White paper showed that China’s network literature pirated loss is worth 100 million yuan, the increase in 2019, the new technology is abused, and there is a major factor in the large-scale rise in the whole industrial chain.

As of December 2020, the overall monthly active user of the key pirated platform reached 10,000, and the monthly per capita use time was approaching 19 hours, and the per capita startup number of months was as high as 115. In February this year, the reading group IP has changed the first quarter of the first quarter to broadcast, the same name original novel once again triggered reading boom, pirated platform hot "fishing", through fast online piracy, search drainage, etc. New readers are transformed into pirated readers, making the piracy of popular online literature more embarrassment.

  In 2020, China’s network literature writers reached 20.56 million, net increase of approximately 1 million people, and the work increased by about 2 million. White paper pointed out that most of the creators regard web writing as a source of income, where% is a full-time author. The survey found that the proportion of frequent network literature writers is as high as 42%, and there is three types of three types that have not been authorized through information network to spread the original works, plagiarism, and unauthorized use of the original work into a sound book is the most common.

  What’s more, some pirated platforms pay close attention to the new book of well-known online literature writers. Once the writer releases the new book preview, he will be able to sign the book, and use inferior content to induce fans to read.

Greating huge economic interests through business models such as traffic changes, directly causing writers’ income loss. Reading Group Platinum Writers, hot broadcast drama "Jinxin Yu" original writer, the network literature writer himself is taking pirated traceability, and it is very difficult to proof.

The survey shows that in the creators who have encountered infringements, only% of the creators have a rights action. The main reason why the rights of rights to rights is not active is the high cost of labor, complex process, and consumption.

  White paper pointed out that the transverse comparison video, music, game and other digital content industries, the difficulty of copyright protection of online literature is larger: the new technology makes the pirated industry chain hidden, the maturity trend is more significant; the pirated platform has accumulated a lot of traffic, business change reliance Search engines, advertising agents, etc.

  On June 1 this year, the newly revised "Copyright Law of the People’s Republic of China" will further improve the infringement penalty compensation system. Text / This reporter Zhang Enjie.

US media attention: Chinese "double-October" sales of new high

US media attention: Chinese "double-October" sales of new high

November 13, according to the Associated Press reported that Beijing November 11 reported that, during the two-eleven shopping festival this year, Chinese consumers spent $ 139.1 billion. Although consumption slowed during the epidemic, but this figure still broke last year’s record.

Alibaba Group, said that in this shopping festival period from November 1 to November 11, the total commodity trading platform to reach 540.3 billion yuan (US $ 84.5 billion).

Jingdong said the deal amounted October 31 to November 11 of 349.1 billion yuan (US $ 54.6 billion), an increase of about 28%, while in 2020 an increase of 32%. It reported that two-eleven is considered the year of the largest online marketing campaign. In previous years, this shopping festival began several weeks in advance hype, major brands and businesses offer deep discounts to attract consumers to seek concessions.

It reported that introduction, although during the previous years of double eleven, consumers often take advantage of deep discounts hoarding commodities, consumption habits have changed. It reported that, due to the uncertainty caused by the epidemic, weaker demand, double eleven full year is now competing with other electricity providers Festival.

Voeg een aftrek toe en upgrade het ontwikkelingsvertrouwen in het bedrijf

Voeg een aftrek toe en upgrade het ontwikkelingsvertrouwen in het bedrijf

[] "Ik had niet verwacht dat onze eigen fouten die niet hebben genoten van de O & O-kosten, en de belastingafdeling zal het initiatief nemen om een ??correctionele verklaring uit te voeren, laten we de 630.000 yuan-korting verzinnen, enorm de financi?le problemen van Het bedrijf, onze voltooiing van de capaciteit is meer uitgerust! "Jiangsu Zhenghe Industrial Group Co., Ltd. Xu Yi zei. Jiangsu Zhenghe Industrial Group Co., Ltd. is een grootschalige onderneming die gespecialiseerd is in de productie van aluminiumvormige tenten. Enterprise-producten worden voornamelijk verkocht aan veel toeristische producten bedrijven in Tianjin en Yangzhou.

Be?nvloed door de epidemie van dit jaar, zijn de lokale omzet in feite stagnerend en de omzet in 8 – september daalt met 20%.

Bovendien is de pre-technische hervormingsinvesteringen van het bedrijf groot en zijn de fondsen krap.

"Dit dacht dat de O & O-vergoeding van vorig jaar het preferenti?le beleid kon aftrekken om te ontstaan ??in de moeilijkheden van de kapitaalomzet, en hoe zij het beleid niet mag begrijpen, en ze zijn vergeten te genieten van het voorkeursbeleid.

"Xu Nian zei hulpeloos dat het bedrijf moeilijkheden heeft, de fiscale lijnhendel. Na het ontvangen van het bedrijf lanceerde de staatsadministratie van belastingen Yangzhou Jiangdu District Taxation Bureau onmiddellijk de" Computer reflectrefect ", die het bedrijf onmiddellijk herinnert om relevante voorschriften te doen en online counseling ondernemingen uitvoeren vergoedingen, begeleidend financi?le personeel om het aangifteformulier te corrigeren en uiteindelijk de investeringskosten plus aftrek van 630.000 yuan aan te vullen. "Het bedrijf heeft R & D-kosten in de eerste drie kwartalen van het bedrijf 2.2,3 miljoen yuan Volgens de kwartaal van het bedrijfs inkomstenbelasting kan de prepaid-aangifte nieuwe maatregelen nemen voor de ontwikkeling van O & O-kosten in de eerste drie kwartalen, kunnen we minder inkomstenbelasting betalen met 130.000 yuan, die niet anders is dan het De financieringsdruk van het bedrijf.. Xu nian opgewonden.

  Net als Jiangsu Zhenghe Industrial Group Co., Ltd. Yangzhou Shenzhou Auto Parts Co., Ltd. smaakte ook het lief van de R & D-kosten om beleidskortingen af ??te trekken. Op dit moment heeft het bedrijf 5% van de verkoop in R & D ge?nvesteerd en het jaar met jaar verhoogd. "Volgens de toevoeging van O & O-kosten van tevoren, kunnen de onderzoeks- en ontwikkelingskosten van het bedrijf plus de O & O-kosten van het bedrijf in de eerste drie kwartalen van het bedrijf minder dan 4,7 miljoen yuan betalen, zo’n grote hoeveelheid fondsen is gretig Om de capaciteit uit te breiden en de markt op te openen. In termen van sneeuw is er een sterke ondersteuning in de sneeuw, en we zullen de bereidheid van investeringen vergroten, en ons vertrouwen is ook krachtiger! ", Volgens de verantwoordelijke persoon , het bedrijf zal het Yangzhou City Key Project "jaarlijkse productie 30.000 tax project" -constructie versnellen, streven naar een vroege productie. En blijf de investeringen en ontwikkeling van onderzoek en ontwikkeling vergroten, concurrentievoordeel onderhouden op nieuwe productontwikkeling, productielijntechnologie?n en projecten voor energie vervangen.

(Han Hongxiang).